Song of the Fox Goddess

by Elisabeth Long (SunInTaurus)

Warning: This work is rated Mature (18+) for sexual content.

Synopsis: When her best friend the Phoenix of the Peach Grove excitedly brings her to visit the gardens of Kunlun Mountain to seek a flower of legend, never would the Fox Goddess have expected the Grandmaster of Kunlun himself -the Dragon God of War- to offer to personally escort them.
Bai Qian had heard enough tales of how reclusive and reserved Mo Yuan was, having never met him before. Her father had though. It was the Fox King who'd made Mo Yuan's guqin long ago from the same heartwood of peach tree as he had made hers.
Curious about the man who was not just the realm's most formidable warrior, but a scholar, a teacher, and a gifted musician, Bai Qian comes to know the gentle, good humoured side of a kindred spirit who treats her as an equal. And the relationship that swiftly develops between her and Mo Yuan becomes so much more.
But when a horrific attack happens upon her home land, Bai Qian discovers that Mo Yuan may have had ulterior motives for wanting to be with her... motives involving the Demon Emperor Qing Cang and what have been random, senseless attacks throughout the realm over the years.
Had Mo Yuan truly only wished to get close to the fox goddess because she was blind?

(45 parts)

A Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms fanfiction. This is a separate edition to "The Silk Blade" under my pseudonym of SunInTaurus 

(序幕) Prologue

Why won’t the waters break?   The midwife of Donghai pressed her hand more firmly upon the Fox Queen’s protruding belly and attempted once more to rupture the amniotic sac with her magic.  It was no use. Her powers were being thwarted somehow… In the full throes of labour, the Queen lay upon the bed naked …

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9(第九章) Of Shadow and Light

“KUNLUN?!!” Qing Cang’s explosive bellow reverberated off the damp rock surrounding them. “She’s never travelled anywhere before and now the first place she goes to is the worm’s lair?!” The Demon Emperor and his Shaman had been making their way down a narrow torchlit passage leading to the inner tunnels when Diao Wu had broken …

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10(第十章) Brothers in Arms

“Did you see either of them at all this morning?” Zi Lan asked. The Sixteenth Disciple lunged in front of Da Bao to snatch the last jianbing from a platter. Chewing his food slowly, Kunlun’s Eleventh Disciple Da Bao extended his tree trunk-like arms out sideways to stretch out his back.  “Hey! You’ve eaten four …

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22(第二十二章) Flickers of Gold

Mo Yuan had been greatly enjoying the hubbub of the Mushroom Market. Its crisscrossing pathways lined haphazardly with crooked tables and wobbly benches, the rickety stands, the off-kilter racks bumping up alongside perfectly erected stalls and shelves; all this clashing of display existed in perfect neighbourly harmony, resembling so much the lively, boisterous people he …

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29(第二十九章) Left Behind

“Your sacrifice today is but one of body!” Qing Cang’s words boomed throughout the smoky vastness of the cavernous hall. Ranks of battle-armed demon soldiers stood at attention before him; swords, spears, and axe blades catching the flicker of the torches along the walls.  “We shall claim our rightful place as overseers of this realm!  …

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34(第三十四章) A Compelling Refrain

The beauty of the melody coloured the air, its individual notes like the wings of butterflies; fluttering, gliding, stopping, delicately combining upon the breeze. Mo Yuan watched with quiet intensity as Bai Qian’s fingertips drfited along the silk strings made of his dragon hair, playing a composition strangely in rhythm and beat to his pulse. …

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36(第三十六章) The Labyrinth of Hell

“Hurry now, Qian Qian. It would be rude to keep our guests waiting too long.” “Yes, Father.” She crossed the threshold to the main area of the Fox Den. It was time for her afternoon lesson with her father. Mornings were reserved for practical instruction, primarily orientation and mobility skills training designed specifically for her. …

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(结语) Epilogue

The racing steps came to an abrupt halt before her. “G-g-good morning, Shilao!” “Good morning, Ping Yan.”  The winded senior apprentice must be late for his first class of the day again, Bai Qian mused. “You best run faster and hope Sixteenth Brother hasn’t taken roll call yet.” “Yes, Shilao,” groaned the young man whose …

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