A “Stories to Read” Menu

As promised, Marie and I have started transferring over full versions of some of our stories to this website. You may now consult the new Stories to Read menu on the right sidebar (tablet) or footer (mobile). New stories will be added there when ready. Here is what’s up so far: A Haven of Peach Blossoms: …

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Stories coming to the site

Marie and I have decided to post some of our completed works here on the site as well as start posting works in progress with their updates. It’s something we’ve been considering for a while and now seems like the right time. I’ll be uploading the content over the next week. So as not to …

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Story Project Updates

Hi everybody    ᵔᴥᵔ I hope you are all keeping well, both physically AND mentally.  Living through 2020 has certainly made me understand why “May you live in interesting times” has been likened to a curse.  I’m forever grateful to have worlds to escape to in writing and reading, even if they are in my …

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Flash Fiction

I am excited to announce that I will soon be adding some original flash fiction short stories to the Twin Dragon Scribes website. I have challenged myself to find images that evoke a flash of inspiration and then create a brief story to go along with each image based on my initial idea. For the …

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We’re now on Pinterest

For any pinners out there, Twin Dragon Scribes has created boards on Pinterest where we will be sharing images and content that spark our imaginations for stories. We have boards for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms images, quotes and memes that inspire us or tickle our funny bones, as well as “story” boards where we …

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Our New Adventure

Welcome to our new website! We created Twin Dragon Scribes to be a haven for us and our story-writing imaginations. Its purpose is to highlight and showcase our works to a broader reader audience on the Internet. New upcoming stories will be featured as the site evolves. Look for news on upcoming projects here first …

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