Hunting in the Mist

by lemjo61 (Marie Bisset)

*Warning: This story is rated Mature (18+) for sexual content

Synopsis: Twin dragon gods stumble upon a beautiful nine-tailed fox during a hunt in a mist laden bamboo forest. Her entrancing shift into an alluring goddess captures and inflames the dragon brothers' sexual desires, igniting a night of shared passion between the three. But can there ever be more than a single night's encounter for them? 

Hunting in the Mist

Mo Yuan was alert to every little sight, scent, and sound that reached him as he and Ye Hua moved stealthily along the winding dirt trail leading them farther into the heart of the dense bamboo forest. Both men were dressed as mortals, wearing robes of dark green to better blend in with their surroundings.…

Hunting 2: Mo Yuan and the Elusive Fox

Bai Qian checked her appearance in the mirror one last time, ensuring she had not overlooked some small detail that might give the truth of her gender away. She was attending the Summer Solstice Festival for the first time in thousands of years. She preferred to avoid crowds of people because of the lewd way…

Hunting 3: Ye Hua and the Elusive Fox

Upon returning to his own bedchamber after Heavenly Father’s harsh lecture, Ye Hua found himself restless and on edge. He was unhappy with his and Mo Yuan’s agreement to stop pursuing their fox, feeling a little empty inside at the thought of letting her go. It was the wrong decision, one born out of their…

Hunting 4: A Quiet Interlude

Trailing her slender fingers along a blossom-laden branch in a gentle caress, Bai Qian meandered aimlessly through her family’s peach grove. Tidy rows of trees, their fragrant blooms perfuming the air year-round without end, stretched out for miles before her. The full moon hung suspended above her in a cloudless sky, its soft glow illuminating…

Hunting 5: Holding Their Fox Closer

Stepping back from the large bed, Ye Hua studied the shallow lines he had just finished carving into the smooth sanded oak surface of the headboard with a critical eye, ensuring he had included all the details that added depth and life to the emblem he and Mo Yuan had designed. Ye Hua had been…

Hunting 6: Claiming Their Fox, part 1

“You’ve really been having dreams about her? Both of you?” Heavenly Father’s gaze was sharp and piercing as he met the eyes of his twin sons in turn. “Yes, Father. Da Ge and I dream about her every night. Vivid dreams… not the kind that fade away in the morning and feel like no more…

Hunting 7: Claiming Their Fox, part 2

Savoring the taste of Ye Hua’s lips still lingering on her own, Bai Qian closed her eyes and pressed her face into Mo Yuan’s neck, nuzzling her nose against his skin to breathe in his scent, enjoying the spicy changes she detected as she snuggled closer to him. A low growl rumbled up from his…

Hunting Epilogue: Homecoming

Mo Yuan! Bai Qian jolted awake with a gasp, her heart pounding frantically when it took her several seconds to realize she was safe in bed with Ye Hua instead of gazing out over a chaotic and bloodsoaked battlefield, watching helplessly as an enemy soldier impaled Mo Yuan with a broadsword. She always tried to…

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