Meet the Writers

The Scribes are two writers who first met over on Wattpad through their Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms fanfiction. The Twin Dragon Scribes logo and name is in tribute to their humble beginnings there. 

Marie Bisset, the lovely lemjo61 to her fanfiction readers, is a southern gal who resides in the southeastern United States. Despite living in a humid, subtropical climate, she is an enthusiastic hockey fan and always will be. Go Hawks!!

A full time practicing veterinarian and proud science nerd, Marie likes to masquerade as a creative writer on her days off. She mostly disliked writing in school but has discovered a joy for scribing when free to write whatever her crazy mind can come up with. 

Marie is prone to long digressions and is easily led astray by distractions but tries not to let them slow her down too much. She has always been an avid reader and enjoys a wide variety of genres.  

Elisabeth “Lisa” Long –or as she is better known in 3310 fanfic circles, SunInTaurus— taught business communication courses for over 25 years to foreign speakers of English. In past lives, she has been an ice cream shop waitress, a beach hotel maid, a voiceover narrator for a Japanese TV commercial, a telephone operator, and most proudly the Christmas Star Fairy for Santa Claus (with photo as proof!).

Elisabeth hails from the wintery hinterlands of Quebec, Canada.  When not crafting stories or shovelling her car out of snowbanks, she enjoys knitting mismatched handwarmers and baking tourtières while drinking whiskey.

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