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Happy Holidays

Elisabeth and I know things have been quiet on the site the last couple of months. We want to reassure you we are still here. We’ve just been temporarily pulled away by real life.  I am still working on finishing my story, A Haven of Peach Blossoms. And I am looking forward to starting some …

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Elisabeth’s Blog

AI Authors

⚠ Rant alert What a former story writing judge shared in a group discussion I was in made my jaw drop. She told of a sci-fi writing contest she worked in not long ago. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners had been chosen out of nearly 100 entries and prizes awarded.  Afterwards, she was contacted …

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A Summer Reading List

Every summer, we like to prepare a list of stories and books we want to read during the long, warm evenings sitting quietly with a cold glass of lemonade (Marie) or cucumber mint vodka (Elisabeth), lol.  With the official start of the season just around the bend for us here in the Northern Hemisphere, we …

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A Culture Conundrum

‘You should write stories from your own culture.’  This was a message sent to me by someone on Wattpad, presumably taking umbrage at some of my AU ideas and hybrid use of elements.  To that person, I have to say: You’ve no idea what my cultural background is. You’ve never met me, And if you …

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Is it spring yet?

This is the view outside my window… Just checking in to say “hi”. How is everybody doing? I’m finding it hard to get my mojo going for writing these last weeks. February is a month that’s so rough to get through weather-wise and motivation-wise. Seeing the sky and the ground the same milky white colour …

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Romance, Sex, or Smut?

I’m sometimes asked… no, scratch that…  I’m sometimes pleaded with why it takes so long before a main couple engage in intimacy in one of my stories.  I have yet to write a story without sexual content. I think the closest I’ve gotten was in A Brush With Fate where the lovemaking was “tame” compared …

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A New Year of Writing

It feels awkward wishing people ‘Happy New Year’ this year, doesn’t it?  The awfulness that was 2020 did not vanish at the 12th stroke of midnight, January 1st.  So instead, I wish everyone renewed hope and continued perseverance.  When things get rough we at least have our fantasy worlds of adventure and romance to escape …

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You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover (but readers will)

What’s the first thing people note when they look at a book?  The title?  Sure.  Maybe it’s the author’s name if they’re perusing bestsellers at a bookstore. But when scrolling randomly through book lists on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, Wattpad, etc. –be honest– it’s the book cover image/design that catches your eye first, isn’t it? …

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The Death of the Long Read: Is the Writing on the Mobile Phone Wall?

(⚠ Rant alert!) The reviewer’s comment on the initial chapters of my story left me shaking my head:  Keep doing what you’re doing in terms of world building and magic because that’s definitely awesome… but make your chapters shorter with smaller, more easily readable sentences otherwise it’s too straining and slow-paced. *sigh*

The Write Sounds

Marie and I decided to do a joint blog on what kind of music or sounds we like to listen to while we write. Elisabeth: Hans Christian Andersen once wrote, “Where words fail, music speaks.” (The Little Mermaid and The Steadfast Tin Soldier are two of my favourite fairy tales of his.) Truth be told, …

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