A “Stories to Read” Menu

As promised, Marie and I have started transferring over full versions of some of our stories to this website. You may now consult the new Stories to Read menu on the right sidebar (tablet) or footer (mobile). New stories will be added there when ready.

Here is what’s up so far:

A Haven of Peach Blossomshttps://twindragonscribes.com/a-haven-of-peach-blossoms/

Song of the Fox Goddess (aka The Silk Blade): https://twindragonscribes.com/song-of-the-fox-goddess/

Hunting in the Misthttps://twindragonscribes.com/hunting-in-the-mist/

I’ll be putting up my ongoing novella Midnight Calling there shortly too.

PS. Wattpad’s email notification system appears to be down again, so I’ll post an announcement to let readers over there know what we’ve done once things are working properly. If you happen to know anyone who isn’t subscribed to Twin Dragon Scribes that would be interested in reading ad-free stories here, please share the news. Only subscribed followers will receive notice of new chapter updates here.

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