24(第二十四章) The Blind Fox


“…though something definitely left all those nicks and scars and burn mark traces I did see…”

No… no… Bai Qian shook her head. It had nothing to do with my mother.

Her heart seized when Mo Yuan’s chair scraped against the floor after hers. He’d risen from the table as well. And the sunlight she’d been basking in ever since they sat down in the kitchen became a torrid heat which sapped her strength no matter how she backed away.

Where did she think she was going? Surely the cavern wall wasn’t going to open up behind to take her elsewhere. Elsewhere…

“This… this wasn’t a good idea.” Bai Qian struggled to keep a tight rein on her emotions. “I think it will be best if we return to Kunlun right now.”

Mo Yuan’s reply rendered the point moot.

With the confidence of the predator whose quarry was cornered with nowhere to run, Mo Yuan advanced. The Dragon’s steps were steady, measured… stalking.  Bai Qian swallowed hard. It was getting difficult to breathe. Then her back came up against rock and the air fairly crackled between them as Mo Yuan closed the gap and his body eclipsed hers.

“What happened to your hands, Qian Qian?” His gentle tone reverberated deep within her. “The band you wear over your eyes has something to do with it, I know.” 

You know, Mo Yuan? No, you don’t know.

An incredibly fast displacement of air by her ear when she turned… 

The snap of his sleeve as his hand planted on the rock next to her head… 

To repeat once more on her other side…

You don’t know.

But he did.

“Bai Qian,” Mo Yuan’s voice held a resonance she’d never heard in it before, one that made the hairs on the back of her neck rise. “You may rest assured, I am no tiger boy.”

A sickening sensation of falling backwards through time… and Bai Qian once again heard the night murmurs of the forest surrounding her as she walked hand in hand with Jinbing.


The final refrain of the day had long ended, the sun having set hours before. The night was now playing its own unique harmony of songs; the chirring of crickets, the croaking of toads, the scurrying of shrews in the underbrush, the clicks and squeaks of bats in the air above, the hooting of the elderly owl spirit who lived nearby. 

Taking what had become their usual long walk together, Jinbing paused. “The stars are beautiful in the sky this night,” he told her.

“Father says that the stars are like the luminous pearls we have in the lake, except aglow with fires of cosmic rainbow.”

Jinbing chuckled. “That is a poetic way of describing them. I must remember that. Perhaps I can use it in a song in our next series of performances. We tigers believe that the lights of stars are the souls of those that have passed before us and were deserving of a place in the vault of the sky. “

The mention of his next series of performances made her let go of his hand to wrap her arms around herself. “Your troupe will be moving on soon?” a dejected Bai Qian asked.

“Mm, my uncle says we must be on our way to our next destination once the new moon passes in a few days. Till then it is bad luck to travel when the moon is waning. We head north to the Ice Mountains where we will winter with some of our snow tiger brethren before making a return circuit back to our home in the West. “

Bai Qian’s spirits rose. “Oh! So you’ll be passing back through Qing Qiu on your way back in the spring, yes? We can stay in touch, Jinbing! Send messages to each other. I have a spelled brush I use that writes out the words I say onto parchment.”

There was a long, awkward pause. Bai Qian grew nervous.

Had she been too forward? Was Jinbing embarrassed by what she’d said? But then she felt his hand on her head, stroking her hair and she relaxed. It felt so nice. Her skin tingled and butterflies once again flew in her stomach as they often did when she was with him.

“Qian Qian, we are friends, good friends now, yes? And… friends help each other?”

She smiled, overjoyed. “Of course, Jinbing! That’s what friends do! What can I help you with? Did you want to practise saying your lines to me for… the next… sho…”

Bai Qian’s words trailed off when Jinbing’s hand dropped from her head and he started circling her closely. His bare arms and chest –for male tigers went about bare-torsoed– were rubbing up against her back and her sides as he did.

The butterflies scattered and an uneasy feeling took their place in the pit of her stomach.

“Wh- what are you doing, Jinbing?”

“I know you like me, Qian Qian.” He continued to circle her. “That’s why you’ve been hanging around me all summer, yes?” He was rubbing his face against her hair now and Bai Qian’s cheeks went hot. Yet in contrast to its exotic scent, Jinbing’s skin felt cold where it touched her. Even colder hands clamped down on her shoulders, squeezing them.

“Ow, Jinbing. That hurts.”

The tiger loosened his grip, but didn’t let go.

“There is something you, and only you, can help me with, Qian Qian,” Jinbing said fervidly. “I’ve been hesitating about it all this time but after speaking at length with my elders and fellow actors, all agreed it would be foolish of me not to take advantage of such a unique chance before we leave in just a few days.”

Bai Qian frowned. “I don’t understand, Jinbing. What are you talking about? A unique chance for what?”

He sighed with an almost impatient air. “I know you don’t understand, Qian Qian. I will explain it to you.”

His grip tightened again.

“You’ve seen the lamp we always have lit on stage when we perform? No. What am I saying? Of course you haven’t.”

Bai Qian gave a slight jerk to her shoulders but Jinbing’s hold remained.

“Not only as tigers, but as actors as well, we hold many beliefs which the unenlightened laugh off and call superstitions. No actor worth their salt would ever perform without the ghost light burning on stage.”

The ghost light? What did this have to do with her helping him? His hands were growing icy now through the sleeve caps of her dress.

“When we actors perform,” Jinbing continued, “we have to surrender a part of ourselves in order to assume the mantle of a character. This is when we become vulnerable to lost souls or ghosts nearby who wish to cause mischief or problems by causing us to forget our lines, make mistakes, lose our voices. The ghost light draws these souls to it and holds them there, and thus away from us. This is why we always have it lit during our performances, to ward off bad luck.”

“When I first met you, Qian Qian, I couldn’t believe it. I’d heard stories but never imagined I would ever encounter a blind creature someday. You see,” Jinbing chuckled at his choice of words, “unlike foxes, there are no blind tigers.”

Bai Qian stiffened. This was the first time Jinbing had ever made reference to her blindness. That had been something that had made her like him from the first time she introduced herself to him. He’d treated her as any other person. If anything, he’d been very friendly and warm to her. She blinked as the extent of his words sank in.


“There have never been nor will there ever be blind tigers,” Jinbing went on. “They are culled at birth since they were born without a soul.  The blind can harbour ghosts who use their dead eyes to see out from.”

Without a soul?

Bai Qian raised her hands to push Jinbing away. But when her hand landed over his heart, she gasped. While hers was beating fast in her chest, his heartbeat was slow; completely unaffected… cold-hearted.

What was happening? The charming, attentive boy who’d spent all his free time with her this summer, who’d shared his wonderful stories of travelling, who’d sung her his sweet songs… where did he go?

“What good fortune of luck to have been presented with this chance to meet you. The other tigers in the troupe greatly admire my courage, that I have even been able to hold your hand. My grandmother has a charmed balm which I rub into my skin every night to cleanse off any vile residue you may leave upon me.”

Bai Qian shoved him and Jinbing laughed, letting go of her shoulders to shove her back. She stumbled and fell onto the grass.

“My elders have told me though that if I can obtain a kiss from you, I could become immune to ghosts.”  Crying now, Bai Qian shakily rose to her feet.

“It’s so strange to watch your dead eyes crying. Do you even feel the tears coming from them?” he asked her.

“My eyes are not dead…” Bai Qian whimpered through her tears.

“But they are. When I look into your eyes,” Jinbing said, his voice thick with disgust, “all I see is a soulless void, empty of life.”

She felt sick to her stomach.

Bai Qian turned to run only to be tripped. “Get off of me!” she sobbed as Jinbing shoved his knee into her middle to keep her down. She froze with a wince when sharp tips pricked her neck.  Jinbing had extended his claws to her throat in warning.

“What cost to you is there, as a soulless one, to kiss me?”  Jinbing sighed.

“Think it over carefully, Qian Qian. Just one willing kiss would suffice. And because I know you like me, if you wish, I will allow you to touch me elsewhere on my body.”  Jinbing huffed. “I really don’t wish to foul my manhood by fornicating with a monster. However, my grandmother believes I could boost my virility and strengthen my soul against all evil spirits, become immune to any and all curses if I were brave enough to…”  He drew in a long breath.

“I would be doing you a great favour, Qian Qian. The touch only a man could give you?  You’ll never know it otherwise. What man would dare sully his essence so? Who else but a tiger like me would be brave enough? And who knows?  Perhaps laying with a tiger could even afford you some luck in return. I would rather not have to force myself upon you, Qian Qian.  Just give me your kiss willingly.”

“Get off of me!!!” Bai Qian screamed. And in that utter moment of panic, her tails exploded out from under her and it was with them that she was able to throw him off. Shifting to her fox faster than she ever had before, she bolted off through the forest towards the Den with Jinbing in pursuit. But the tiger either had a change of heart, or decided it wasn’t worth his effort any longer, and gave up when it became evident he wouldn’t catch her. For Bai Qian knew her way through the woods better than any… creature… there, tiger or otherwise. 

Not even a dragon could have caught her had there been one.


“If you tell me to, I will step away.”

There was a dragon who’d caught her now, no?

Her silk band was coming off her face. Mo Yuan was taking it off… to misplace again?

A soft press of warmth fell upon her eyelid, then again on her other; a bristly touch caressed the side of her face.

“If you tell me to, I will step away.”

There was no chill of revulsion upon the skin that touched her now. Bai Qian raised her hands to the chest that now brushed against hers, her hand seeking the source of that which thrummed through it.

Oh, how very different things were this time.

A heartbeat she could almost hold given how hard it pounded, the heat of Mo Yuan’s skin penetrating hers; and the Dragon’s growls… they held a depth of power, a primal call that made her body react with more than just butterflies. She slid her hand up to Mo Yuan’s neck and followed the cord of it to his jaw where she found his beard again. The touch of it on her fingertips was one she knew she would forever remember no matter what came to pass this night.

“Do you really want to go back to Kunlun, Qian Qian?” His slender yet strong fingers gently encircled her wrist and the guqin player’s thumb lightly stroked the pulsing veins on the inside of it.

‘I am no tiger boy,’ Mo Yuan had said.

No, Mo Yuan, you are not. You are the most revered and feared Celestial of the Immortal Realm, the great Dragon of Kunlun who has come soaring into my sightless world and filled it with sunlight, that which I could never have imagined.

What did she want? What man would dare…? Jinbing had said.

But what if it was she who dared?

I am not a monster.

I am not some soulless creature.

Why may I not know the touch of a man? This man…

“No,” she finally answered Mo Yuan’s question.

And with a courage she did not know she possessed, Bai Qian slid her fingers up to his mouth and trailed them along his lips.

“I don’t want to leave,” she affirmed more to herself than to him.

She felt Mo Yuan shudder with a growl that made her weak in the knees. Then the most exquisite shiver ran through her when that soft press of warmth now descended upon her lips. Is this what a kiss is?

Then I give mine willingly to you, Mo Yuan.


The Dragon’s breath on her face, the way his mouth fit upon hers, Bai Qian’s senses were swiftly overwhelmed and she had to break it off. Gasping from the lightheadedness she felt, the Fox instinctively nuzzled her face into the Dragon’s neck.

Her legs left the ground and not a moment too soon as her knees had started to buckle. Bai Qian clasped her arms around Mo Yuan’s shoulders, keeping her face pressed against him.

She could feel his magic whirling about them now. What was he doing? Light drafts of air suddenly blew as Mo Yuan started to carry her out of the kitchen.

The echo of his steps off of objects and the rock walls, the way the air pressure changed as they crossed from open area to narrower, the number of steps he was taking from the kitchen… all indicated to Bai Qian where they were headed. For whatever magic Mo Yuan summoned was leading him directly to her chamber.

She couldn’t speak for the tremors running through her. Her tails emerged as they always did whenever she was overcome with emotion. They caused Mo Yuan to hesitate a moment but then walk faster. This time, instead of but one, Bai Qian used all nine of her tails to drape his shoulders and curl about his waist. She nuzzled closer to feel the soothing vibrations of the Dragon’s growls, soothing to Bai Qian at least.

They entered her chamber.

When Mo Yuan stopped and lowered her down, Bai Qian felt her bed and blankets beneath her.

She’d survived that encounter so long ago. She’d survived the aftermath as well. She’d become stronger for it, hadn’t she? A fighter? She would never let her blindness define her. No superstition was stronger than her! And Bai Qian was curious, so very curious. She wanted to know… that one touch she’d never been able to feel. At what cost if Mo Yuan were willing?

Why may I not know the touch of a man? she thought again. This man…this dragon…

The sun’s warmth felt so wonderful now, a smouldering haze that engulfed her, its breath upon her face.

Bai Qian curled all her tails around Mo Yuan’s waist and pulled him down to her.


Mo Yuan’s fingers threaded through her hair as his mouth descended upon hers most ardently. The tingling friction created by his bristly soft moustache and beard rubbing the top of her upper lip and against her chin was a startling contrast to his smooth, soft lips over hers. Running the tip of his tongue along the seam of her mouth, he pressed against it… wanting to be let in. And when Bai Qian parted her lips, she tasted Mo Yuan’s breath; honeyed, rich and mellow, flavoured with notes of the peach wine they’d been drinking.

At first his tongue’s movement inside her mouth was gentle, subtle… exploring. Bai Qian sighed at the succulent pleasure of it. With her tails, she rubbed along Mo Yuan’s back, her own hands reaching up to his hair as his head lightly rocked from side to side with his devouring kiss. Then Mo Yuan’s breaths grew shallow as his mouth pressed down harder, his tongue rolling and brushing against hers, his fingers clenching upon her scalp. Bai Qian moaned. The feel of him in her mouth was beyond anything she’d ever felt before. She wanted more of this touch, this kiss beyond a kiss. So when Mo Yuan took a ragged breath she extended the tip of her tongue out and flicked it tentatively across his parted lips. Mo Yuan went still a moment, then with the side of his nose he gently rubbed along hers.

“Do that again, Qian Qian, but open your mouth more,” he spoke in a husky whisper.

Opening her mouth wider, she flicked out her tongue again only to have it caught by Mo Yuan’s mouth and sucked on lightly by him. Her body shuddered as did her tails that pulled him tighter against her. Then her hands fell from his hair when Mo Yuan jerked his head up with a grunt; twisting his body out from under her tails to drop to her side, his breaths harsh and uneven.

“Mo Yuan?” She needn’t touch his chest to feel the thunderous pounding of his heart. “Did I– did I do something wrong?” 

She felt his arm slide beneath her and curl around her waist to tug her close to him. His free hand touched her arm and trailed up to her shoulder and along her neck to gently cup the side of her face. With his thumb stroking her tender lips, Mo Yuan inhaled long and deep, his nose coming alongside hers to gently rub once again. “No, Qian Qian,” he murmured with quiet intensity. “You certainly did nothing wrong.”

But she wasn’t so sure. Why had he broken away just now then? Did he not find it pleasurable as she did? Bai Qian so wanted to learn, and learn from him.


With a slight turn of her face, Bai Qian kissed the bridge of Mo Yuan’s nose, feeling him jerk a little when she did. And before she could rethink her actions and change her mind, she quickly ducked her chin to place her lips upon his. Taking her cue from what he’d done before, Bai Qian lightly brushed her lips across his while trailing the tip of her tongue along the seam of his mouth. Mo Yuan shuddered as low growls rumbled from his throat once more. Encouraged by his reaction, Bai Qian continued to sweep her tongue across his lips til, with a shivering inhale, Mo Yuan opened his mouth to her.

With her tongue, she licked and swirled around his. Her tails that lay across the bed behind her billowed above the blankets. When Mo Yuan extended his tongue into her mouth, she closed her lips around it and began to suck, lightly at first, and then harder as the taste of him melted in her mouth and down the back of her throat as she swallowed. The Dragon’s growls changed to moans.

A sudden wave of torrid heat rose off his body, startling Bai Qian who went to pull away only to have Mo Yuan clasp the back of her head and hold her gently in place, letting go only once he felt her start to suck again. Mo Yuan started thrusting his tongue a little further into her mouth only to ease it back, repeating the motion over and over which made Bai Qian swallow faster around it.

Then came another spin of motion from him, and a gasping Bai Qian found herself hoisted atop him, her knees bent astride his waist and her chest fallen over his. As she scrambled to sit up, Mo Yuan caught one of her wrists. He pulled her hand forward, lightly kissing her palm then bringing her fingertips to his chin where he rubbed them playfully through his beard.

Bai Qian broke into a smile. Mo Yuan lifted her hand to kiss her palm once more then brought it to his chest. The crisp linen he wore was cool to the touch and for some odd reason, Bai Qian wondered what colour it was. But the errant thought fled her mind the moment Mo Yuan slipped her hand through a fold and to settle her palm upon his bare skin. With a final stroke of his thumb against the back of her hand, Mo Yuan let go, and the linen slid away as she felt him pull his tunic open.

Slowly, tentatively, Bai Qian ran her palm across his pectorals. Their muscular contours and curved planes were clearly defined. Mo Yuan’s breath hitched when her thumb flicked over the firm nibs that grazed the underside of her hand as she slid it across. Bai Qian paused, uncertain what to do next.

The blankets rustled as Mo Yuan’s hands slid down his sides until they came to her bent knees. Trailing them up her thighs to her hips, he slipped them around her waist and up under her hair to press them flat upon her shoulder blades. Bai Qian didn’t resist when he gently pulled her down to him. 

As her torso lowered, Mo Yuan continued to slide his hands higher to guide her head until her neck was over his face. Bai Qian swallowed hard when Mo Yuan clutched a fistful of hair on the top of her head and lightly tugged it back so her chin rose, exposing her throat to him. Her fingers dug into the blankets as her hands braced on the bed, Bai Qian moaned when Mo Yuan’s tongue touched the base of her throat and languidly licked and lathed its way up to her chin. With his hand clasped behind her head again, Mo Yuan guided her to the side of his neck and gently pressed her face to it before letting go. His jaw rose as he lifted his chin and his hands came to rest behind her shoulders.

Bai Qian didn’t realize she had started to purr as she lightly ran her tongue along the taut cords of Mo Yuan’s neck. Licking his throat as he had hers, she marvelled both at the delicious saltiness of his sweat as well as at the tremors she knew she was causing throughout Mo Yuan’s body. She kissed the underside of his jaw, then cupped his face to tilt it back down in order to rub the tip of her nose in his beard then cross over his lips to rub into his moustache. She could feel Mo Yuan smile against her lips.

When she sat up, Mo Yuan’s hands slid down her sides to settle upon her hips. 

Bai Qian’s body felt like it was both on fire and frozen at the same time as she reached for Mo Yuan’s wrist and drew his unresisting hand up to her face. She rubbed the tip of her nose lightly against his palm before planting a soft kiss there. Then with a deep breath, she slipped his hand inside the front folds of her dress and settled it atop a bare breast.

The aching pressure that had been building inside of her spiked when Mo Yuan’s hand cupped her breast and started to fondle it. When his palm caressed its tip and his fingers clasped and lightly pinched her nipple, Bai Qian felt a warm rush between her legs. Biting back a moan, she reached for her dress collar and slipped it past her shoulders, letting the sleeves drop to her wrists where she pulled her arms free. She barely felt the cool night air on her exposed skin given the searing heat of Mo Yuan’s hand… hands now… kneading her breasts. Sighing with pleasure, Bai Qian brought her tails forward where they curled about Mo Yuan’s shoulders and head — except for two which she loosely wound around his arms as he continued to massage her teats. Tiny shocks ran through Bai Qian every time Mo Yuan pinched and rolled her taut, throbbing nipples.

She barely had time to brace herself when, with a fierce snarl, Mo Yuan sat bolt upright and clamped his hot mouth over the tip of a breast. Bai Qian cried out when his teeth grazed over her teat and he began to suckle it with force, squeezing and releasing her other breast in rhythm to the pulls of his mouth.

Dropping her head back and thrusting her chest forward, Bai Qian panted from the wild sensations coursing through her from the teasing torment of Mo Yuan’s mouth. When he moved to her other breast, her tails that had been curled about him moved to billow behind her as she sought her balance against the tantalizing onslaught.

It was with a tail swishing over his groin that she felt it first.

Bai Qian’s head snapped up with Mo Yuan going perfectly still when her fox tail froze over the throbbing bulge under his pants. The tip of her swollen breast slipped out of Mo Yuan’s mouth when, with a shuddering groan, he dropped back down onto the bed.

Astride his waist this whole time, Bai Qian hadn’t felt Mo Yuan’s… reaction… til now. Curious, she swished her tail back and forth over his groin which earned her a sharp hiss and scorching hands clamping down onto her hips.

For a long moment, neither of them moved. Then Mo Yuan tightened his hold and lifted her off his waist to seat her lower upon his thighs. The motion caused Bai Qian’s skirt to hitch to her knees.

Mo Yuan’s hands slid up her sides til they reached her shoulders, then trailed down her arms until he got to her hands which he guided to what Bai Qian recognized to be the tie knot of his leather belt. Mo Yuan slipped his hands underneath hers so that her palms covered his fingers. Bai Qian felt his fingers begin to loosen his belt knot then untie it completely. He raised his fingers to entwine with hers before tucking his thumbs under his waistband where he paused.

What was he doing? Why did he stop?

Was he… Was he waiting for her? Yes. Mo Yuan was letting her decide if she wished to continue or not. He was leaving it up to her.

The harsh rush of his breath, the way his body thrummed with his heartbeat, his strong fingers trembling from what she realized was the strain of holding himself back; the great Dragon had, in a sense, surrendered his control to her.

Bai Qian knew what she wanted

Curling her fingers past his, she tugged upon his waistband.

Mo Yuan raised his hips, causing Bai Qian’s to rise as well as she released his hands so he could pull his pants down past his knees. She heard a double thump of what must have been his boots as he kicked them off to the floor. This was followed by his pants which he used his feet to remove. When his hips finally settled back onto the bed, Bai Qian settled her own back over him.

Her tails flicked up and down behind her from her nervousness but with a deep breath, Bai Qian placed her shaking hands flat on the top of Mo Yuan’s bare thighs and coasted them forward.

She couldn’t tell which one of them jolted harder when her fingertips touched the warm bulbous mass of flesh and coarse hair at the junction of his legs. The loudest growl she’d ever heard Mo Yuan make echoed off her chamber walls followed by a sharp tearing –what she surmised to be one of her blankets ripping near Mo Yuan’s side where his hand was.

Her fingers only jutted forward slightly before the rigid, throbbing staff protruding from a thicker tuft of coarse hair gave her pause. She spread her hands open to encompass the thick girth.  Mo Yuan’s squirming hips arched slightly off the bed when she curled her fingers around his erection and slowly slid them up its length.  The feel and texture of its fiery flesh filled her with wonder as she reached the engorged rounded head. Her palm came away wet when she smoothed it over the seamed tip. At the same time, more ripping came from the vicinity of Mo Yuan’s other hand.

Bai Qian’s breath caught in her throat when Mo Yuan lunged upwards to grab her around the waist and lift her off his legs. Bringing her to his chest, Mo Yuan sat her back down upon his legs which were now closely crossed. Bai Qian’s sash and skirt were so loose by this point that she easily tugged them off to let fall to the side, her tails magically pulling out of the skirt opening. Mo Yuan’s silky hair brushed over her arms as she wrapped them tightly around his back, encircling his hips with her legs at the same time as Mo Yuan put his arms around her to steady her.

But instead of penetrating her with his erection as she’d expected, one of Mo Yuan’s hands slid up to her neck instead and cradled her head. His mouth descended upon her ear and his tongue trailed down its curved edge until he reached her earlobe which he drew into his mouth and began to suckle lightly.

Mo Yuan’s other hand descended her back, coming to rest at the bottom of her spine, and Bai Qian nearly went limp from the incredible sensation of Mo Yuan’s fingers now massaging the sensitive base of her now quivering tails. So aroused did she become that she never noticed his other hand releasing her head to plunge down between their bodies and rip through her undergarment to delve between her folds until he thrust a finger into her.

“Your nectar is so warm, Qian Qian,” Mo Yuan growl into her ear. The hand massaging the base of her tails rubbed this erogenous zone of a fox harder now, making her back arch from the shockwaves it caused to ripple along her every nerve. “But I need to make you completely ready first,” Mo Yuan panted. Bai Qian moaned loudly when Mo Yuan thrust a second finger into her, sliding the two in and out while stretching them apart. When he slipped in a third finger, she felt a twinge of pain despite the ecstasy of her tails being stimulated. At her wince, Mo Yuan’s fingers froze inside of her only for his thumb to slip over her engorged clit and begin to rub it in circles.

Bai Qian’s heart hammered and she no longer felt any pain as trails of scintillating fire spread out from between her legs, bringing her to the edge of climax. Raking her nails across Mo Yuan’s back, she was oblivious to his hand that had been on the base of her tails now scooping her bottom and lifting it up to sink her onto his erection. He impaled her to the hilt, tearing through her maidenhead with a single thrust she never felt the pain of either, crying out as she was from her explosive orgasm.

With her inner walls clenched tight and undulating, Bai Qian’s climax soared even higher when Mo Yuan’s staff lengthened and swelled with his pounding thrusts. Wrapped in his embrace, she felt Mo Yuan’s head fall back as he unleashed a mighty roar and hot streams of his essence exploded within her.

The Dragon’s roar continued to reverberate throughout the Den, its powerful chord blending with the keening cry of the Fox.


金冰 (Jinbing), gold ice

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