Hunting in the Mist

Mo Yuan was alert to every little sight, scent, and sound that reached him as he and Ye Hua moved stealthily along the winding dirt trail leading them farther into the heart of the dense bamboo forest. Both men were dressed as mortals, wearing robes of dark green to better blend in with their surroundings. They both had swords drawn and ready for a fight.

The task Mo Yuan shared with his brother in the Mortal Realm this night was a simple one: find the great five-horned beast that had been killing mortals from the devout town of Ganglei. The beast hid among the thick bamboo shoots in order to stalk and hunt unsuspecting merchants traveling the trail. The townspeople had prayed and made offerings to the Dragon Gods for help so Mo Yuan and Ye Hua had been sent to answer their prayers and eliminate the threat. When they found the beast they were to destroy it, ensuring no trace of the creature’s existence was left behind.

The moon was full and bright above them, bathing the forest with a soft ethereal glow. The night sky aided the brothers, lighting the way as they moved swiftly but silently along the narrow path. They were making good progress until pockets of dense mist began to appear intermittently; the low-hanging clouds creating patches of pale silver in the night and obscuring certain areas of the forest from view. As they moved farther along the trail, the fog continued to thicken around the giant bamboo stalks until Mo Yuan and Ye Hua were finally forced to slow their pace to a crawl.

Mo Yuan lifted his hand in a silent gesture to stop, not even glancing Ye Hua’s way to see if his brother understood. The two had been hunting together so long, words were no longer necessary to coordinate their movements. The fog was dense enough to be confusing to the senses, so Mo Yuan closed his eyes to shut out the physical world and sent out his dragon’s cultivation to feel the spirit of the forest around him. He knew Ye Hua would remain alert and guard his back while he did so.

Mo Yuan detected nothing but the spiritual energy of the ancient bamboo for miles all around him until he felt the natural pull of water tugging on his dragon’s instincts from the south. There was a body of fresh water. He opened his eyes, making plans in his mind. Water was an essential requirement for life and often served as a gathering place for all sorts of creatures. The fog made hunting the five-horned beast more difficult, but a good place to set a trap would be near water. And the strength of dragon energy was always enhanced when water was near.

Using a quick hand gesture asking Ye Hua to follow, Mo Yuan stepped off the trail and headed toward the south. He followed his dragon’s instincts until the scent of water reached his nose, his sense of smell and instincts leading him to a warm spring gently bubbling up from the ground. He crouched down and remained hidden among the bamboo shoots and dense underbrush as he assessed the clearing for any immediate threats. He felt Ye Hua move next to him to do the same.

The clearing was small and secluded, untouched by any signs of mortal men. The mist was sparse, visibility better than in most other parts of the forest. The entire area was lit gently with the soft glow from the moon. Mo Yuan knew this spot was their best chance to try and catch the beast until the fog had cleared and hunting became the better option again. He just had to decide what bait to place in the clearing to try and lure the beast out of hiding.

Mo Yuan had just turned to quietly question his brother when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He tightened his grip on the leather-wrapped hilt of his sword, muscles tensing in readiness as he swung back around to face the clearing and a possible attack. He immediately froze, sucking in a sharp breath at the vision before him. The beauty that met his eyes took his breath away. A female nine-tailed fox had just entered the clearing.

Though he had heard many legends about them, Mo Yuan had never seen a nine-tailed fox before. He was unable to tear his eyes away from her as she moved towards the warm water with delicate steps and feminine grace. She had a petite frame with slender limbs, though Mo Yuan could see underlying strength within her as he watched her every move. Her fur was the pure white of freshly-fallen snow. It looked thick and soft; Mo Yuan’s hands itched to reach out and touch her, to stroke the length of her back. And her nine fluffy tails; they were magnificent as they seemed to float weightlessly in the air around her. She was enchanting. Mo Yuan clenched his fist tightly as he fought against a growing urge to go to her.

He ducked down further, hardly daring to breathe, as the fox turned her head in his direction. He could see her dark eyes carefully looking around her, her fuzzy pointed ears swiveling in all directions as she listened to her surroundings. Her muzzle lifted a little, the tiny black nose twitching slightly as she scented the air. Did she know he was there? Did she know she was being watched? Mo Yuan glanced Ye Hua’s way silently; his brother was staring at her just as intently as he himself had been. A change in the atmosphere immediately pulled Mo Yuan’s gaze back to the clearing and the beautiful fox.

Both men forgot all about masking their scents as they became wrapped up in the bewitching moonlit vision in front of them.


Bai Qian felt a prickle of unease, her fur standing on end, as she entered the clearing of her favorite bathing spring. She had claimed this location in the Mortal Realm as her own one hundred years ago. The water was the perfect temperature for her human skin and the sandy soil was a soft cushion against her paws and her bare feet. But the best part were the legends of the beast that hunted within the bamboo forest; she had never sensed any beast and the stories kept many of the mortal men out of the forest, ensuring her special place remained undisturbed. But tonight the clearing felt different, less private. She felt as if there were eyes gazing at her intently.

Bai Qian remained cautious as she carefully explored her surroundings using her fox senses. She heard nothing more than the soft swishing sound of the bamboo leaves blowing gently against each other in the night air. The only scents she detected were the earthy, verdant smells of bamboo mixed with fertile soil. She thought she sighted a small movement in the underbrush to her left but saw nothing further after watching the spot for several quiet minutes. Bai Qian scolded herself silently for being so suspicious. She was the only one in all the realms who knew this clearing and warm spring existed.

She padded back over to the edge of the water and shifted into her human form, choosing to wear nothing more than a thin robe made from a translucent silver material. The soft sound of an indrawn masculine breath whispered across the clearing from behind her, reaching her sensitive ears. Bai Qian tensed and frowned with annoyance at the noise, turning to search among the night shadows created by the thick shoots of bamboo. There was a man spying on her near the clearing. How had a mortal man managed to escape her notice before? She was tempted to weave a spell of forgetfulness and send him wandering into the bamboo, but she had promised her father she would have no contact with mortals.

Bai Qian muttered a few choice curse words under her breath as she prepared to disappear, mourning the loss of her private spring while she gathered her cultivation around her. The breeze shifted directions just as she was preparing to jump away, bringing the heady scent of celestial lightning mixed with smoldering spices to her nose. Bai Qian’s eyes slid closed and she breathed in deeply, teasing her senses with the rich, exotic scent.

Again, she inhaled fully, goosebumps of desire beginning to prickle along her skin as she recognized the scent of a dragon. Two dragons, she realized as her sensitive nose picked out some subtle individual differences within the arousing aroma flooding through her. Two dragons releasing strong pheromones into the air that were impossible for her to ignore. Thousands of years had passed since Bai Qian had last taken a lover and her body was suddenly begging to be claimed by the two powerful males watching her. Did she dare give in to the lust building inside?

Bai Qian knew she would surrender to the temptation when she found herself unable to walk away. Her heart rate picked up and a shiver of arousal ran through her as she made the decision to answer her body’s demands. Her lips parted on a silent gasp when she inhaled deeply once more, savoring the heightened excitement building inside her with every dragon-scented breath she took. She could feel a tightening in her core as moisture gathered along her feminine folds, a drop of fluid trickling down the inside of her thigh. She was ready and she intended to have both males. She just needed to coax them out. Bai Qian knew the scent of her arousal would reach them when she removed her robe. The fragrance would pull them to her side like moths drawn to flames. She opened her eyes with a secretive smile, turned back to face the water, and reached for the sash of her robe.


Ye Hua felt a wave of powerful cultivation wash over him before the exquisite nine-tailed fox shifted into her human form. Ye Hua sucked in a harsh breath when he saw the slender beauty now standing before him, ignoring Mo Yuan’s irritated glare when the sound escaped from him. Ye Hua’s eyes drank her in fully as she turned and appeared to look right at him. It was obvious she was wearing nothing under her dainty silver robe; the sheer material outlined her curves perfectly and teased him with enticing hints of the alluring body concealed underneath.

Ye Hua could feel his body reacting to the sensual sight before him, the confines of his linen pants growing tight and uncomfortable. He clenched a fist and drew in a long breath in an effort to calm himself as his dragon pushed him to make the female fox his. He forced his eyes up and to her flawless face, making himself focus on her delicate features. The expression she wore did nothing to cool his rising desire. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted. He could see a faint flush painting her cheeks a delightful shade of pink. Ye Hua knew he could spend all night watching the lovely fox because every little thing about her was seductive and mesmerizing.

Ye Hua reached out to her instinctively when he caught a glimpse of her soft brown eyes and the small smile forming on her lips. Then, he was fighting back a groan of desperate disappointment when she turned away from him, hiding her unique beauty from his view. He leaned forward with anticipation as he noticed her elbows moving slightly under the sleeves of her robe. Was she…? The silver robe slid off her body like water pouring from her shoulders and pooled around her slim legs, leaving her back and buttocks bare in the moonlight.

Ye Hua forgot how to breathe for a moment and all coherent thought fled his mind as his intent gaze trailed along the gentle slope of her back, lingered over her shapely hips and thighs before slowly moving down her slender legs. She stretched her arms gracefully above her head before pulling the hairpin out of her messy bun, allowing her long ebony hair to tumble down her back. Her skin was like soft porcelain covering elegant poise and strength. Every move she made held his eyes captive, making it next to impossible for him to look away.

And yet, Ye Hua knew he should stop watching her, knew he was witnessing a private moment that was never intended for him. The beautiful fox had come to this secluded clearing to bathe, not put on a seductive show for Mo Yuan and himself. Ye Hua’s dragon urged him to go to her; his body ached for the chance to experience the pleasure of thrusting forcefully into hers. It took every ounce of willpower he possessed to drag his eyes away from the enticing sight, but he managed it, dragging in a shuddering breath to try and calm the heat inside him. As he inhaled, the feminine fragrance of arousal from her body blindsided him. His aching erection hardened further and quickly became painful; his heavy sack tightened with the need for release. He had to have her.


Despite his irritation when he heard his brother’s audible gasp in reaction to the human appearance of the beautiful fox, Mo Yuan soon found himself struggling to maintain the calm stoic demeanor he was known for. Every curve of her lithe body, every inch of her smooth, flawless skin called out to him when she shrugged off her robe. Her graceful movements beckoned him to move closer. He had not been this strongly tempted by a woman in a long time. Mo Yuan barely held back a deep groan of desire when she released her hair, closing his eyes in an attempt to gain some control over the fire of arousal raging through him.

Mo Yuan drew in a long breath, mimicking the controlled breathing technique he often used when meditating, and released it in a slow and measured way. When he breathed in a second full breath, his nose was flooded with the sweet fragrance of sun-ripened peaches mixed with aroused female. He could not hold back his groan this time as the scent shot straight to his groin, feeding the flames within him instead of dousing them. He imagined the taste of the fragrant nectar from her body on his tongue with every breath he took.

Mo Yuan’s heart started racing and his nostrils flared as he started breathing more quickly, filling his entire being with the arousing aroma of the female fox. His erection grew longer and thicker as his dragon stirred restlessly inside him, his body hardening to the point of sweet agony. He shifted to try and relieve some of the pressure, hissing through his teeth sharply when the fabric of his clothing rubbed against the sensitive flared head of his erect length. Mo Yuan shifted again in discomfort, a low growl rumbling up from his chest as his erection was stimulated once again. One of his fists clenched tightly as he fought back the urge to free himself from the confines of his clothes to take himself in hand.

The scent of the fox’s arousal increased in intensity in response to his growl and Mo Yuan realized she knew he and his brother were there. Her arousal was in response to their presence. That knowledge changed everything. He had to have her. A louder, possessive growl rose up inside him and he allowed the sound of his dragon to fill the night, immediately receiving an answering growl from Ye Hua. He turned to face his brother, seeing a mirror of his own urgent need to taste the beautiful fox’s sweet nectar and touch her smooth skin on his brother’s face.

Mo Yuan wanted the fox and he intended to have her. As much as he hated battling against his brother, he wasn’t backing down this time. He would fight Ye Hua for the right to have a night with her. Mo Yuan quickly realized Ye Hua wasn’t backing down either. They were at a stalemate. A moment of silent understanding passed between the brothers as they stood from their hidden positions. If she allowed it, this wouldn’t be the first time they had shared a woman they both desired. Would the female fox accept both of them? Or were the fragrant pheromones signaling her arousal intended to lure just one of them to her?

Bai Qian heard the dangerous growls and a sultry smile passed over her lips. She suppressed a whimper of excitement when she heard movement behind her, turning to face both dragons as they approached. Time stood still for a moment as the men walking her way paused to run their dark, intense gazes over her breasts and mound. Bai Qian herself was shocked when she recognized the strong, handsome features of the men in front of her. They looked identical except for the facial hair on the man closest to her. These two males weren’t just any dragons. The only twins to have ever been born in all the immortal realms were the twin sons of the Father of the Heavens himself.

A wave of uncertainty ran through her and she almost disappeared right that second, but then Mo Yuan’s robes vanished. All thoughts of leaving fled her mind as Bai Qian’s eyes dropped from Mo Yuan’s face and admired his lean, muscular form. A small whimper sounded from her when her gaze found his impressive erection. He was long and thick with hunger for her, the broad head a deep angry red, indicating the strength of his need for her. She imagined the heavy sack between his legs tightening as he thrust into her and prepared to fill her with his seed. Bai Qian’s gaze was immediately pulled towards Ye Hua’s bare body next, her eyes lingering on his thick length. Both of them would fill her completely. Her eyes closed and she started panting as her clit became swollen and wet, her core clenching with anticipation.

Mo Yuan needed no further invitation as he reached her side in three long strides, his fingers wrapping around Bai Qian’s neck to pull her to him.


Mo Yuan heard her soft whisper as his lips lowered to hers and he tasted the sweet peach flavor of her soft mouth and breath. He tried to control himself, not wanting to overwhelm her with too much too soon, but the alluring fox wanted nothing but his passion. She grabbed his lower lip with her teeth and bit it firmly, sending a jolt of lust shivering through him. He growled deep in his chest and thrust his tongue between her lips forcefully, his fingers wrapping in her hair to take control of the kiss. Her tongue met his in a passionate duel as she moved her body against his managing to move his erection between her legs. She started rubbing her wet folds against his erection in an effort to give herself pleasure.

Mo Yuan groaned desperately after a minute and pulled away from the agonizing friction against his length, struggling to maintain some semblance of control over his release as she stimulated herself and him. He shoved his leg between hers so she could straddle his muscular thigh instead, knowing what she was looking for but not ready for things to end. She immediately started riding his thigh, grinding her folds and clit against his hot skin over and over again, panting louder and louder as she drove her arousal higher. His thigh was soon coated with the nectar from her body and the sweet scent of her passion filled the air around them. Mo Yuan’s mouth watered at the thought of tasting her and he met Ye Hua’s eyes as his brother moved up behind the beautiful fox. Silent communication occurred between them briefly.

Mo Yuan pulled his thigh away from her mound just as Ye Hua grasped her hips from behind and pulled her buttocks up against his own erection to rub against her. Ye Hua’s lips and tongue caressed her neck and shoulders, nipping and licking her smooth skin. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, groaning at the feel of her body against his as he rubbed his length firmly against her in a steady rhythm until he forced himself to slow down before he lost control completely. Ye Hua noticed Mo Yuan going to his knees in front of her, reaching out to grab her hips. Ye Hua’s hands moved up to fully cup her breasts, rubbing his palms against her pert nipples in firm, circular motions. The whimpers and noises of pleasure she made drove both men crazy with hunger.

Ye Hua pulled her back against his chest to help steady her as Mo Yuan lifted one of her legs up and pulled it over his shoulder, opening her folds to his searching tongue. Ye Hua found an especially sensitive spot on her neck, feeling the shivers of arousal move through her when he nipped the special spot. He pulled a small bit of her delicious skin between his lips, sucking on her flesh as his thumbs brushed her nipples, applying more force as she responded to both caresses. Ye Hua knew the moment Mo Yuan’s tongue found her clit because she suddenly shuddered with need and collapsed back against him weightlessly.

Bai Qian’s senses were completely overwhelmed by a haze of lust and pleasure as the men controlled her body masterfully. She had no thoughts other than finding the orgasm building inside her core as her muscles clenched rhythmically, sending waves of tingling arousal shivering through her. The assault on her senses continued relentlessly making her pant with need and beg them both to finish it. She had no idea where to focus her attention. It all felt agonizingly beautiful.

The large hands massaging her breasts and nipples would increase the pressure to the point of sweet pain before rubbing her softly again to tease her. She pushed her breasts forward into those wonderful hands, encouraging him to repeat the arousing motions. She could feel his tongue and teeth as he sucked and nipped along her sensitive neck. She turned her head to the side to give those lips and mouth better access to her skin. The tongue between her parted folds rubbed her clit firmly, flicking the tip of her swollen nub enticingly before stroking the sensitive flesh in long licking motions. She could feel the rasp of his coarse facial hair rubbing her inner thigh as his mouth and tongue moved against her. The dragons drove her to the brink steadily, drawing out her pleasure to an agonizing degree.

Bai Qian’s entire body began to tremble and she started moaning as she reached the sweet edge. She began thrusting her pelvis against Mo Yuan’s mouth, moving herself along his tongue, as she desperately reached for her orgasm. She could feel Ye Hua tense behind her as her movements stimulated the sensitive head of his erection mercilessly. He tried to halt the motion of her hips but she was too far gone to stop, whimpering helplessly when he groaned deep in his chest and finally began thrusting himself back into her. He started panting heavily in her ear as he rocked against her and she felt warm fluid dribble from his hard length and smear against her back as he rubbed the head of his erection against her.

Bai Qian gasped and her movements became frantic as the clenching within her core became more intense. She was almost there. She just needed a little more. The brothers sensed her approaching orgasm and coordinated their movements as one. Ye Hua pinched both of her nipples hard as Mo Yuan grazed her clit with his teeth. Bai Qian closed her eyes and screamed her release into the night as her entire body clenched and pleasure shot through her. Her breathing was ragged and unsteady as she came down from her soaring high. Her entire body felt useless as she tried to calm her breathing; the only reason she remained upright were Ye Hua’s strong arms around her.

Ye Hua and Mo Yuan were only able to give her a brief moment to recover before their own desperate hunger started driving them to take her. Mo Yuan stood from his kneeling position carefully, licking the sweet nectar from her release off of his lips. He was breathing heavily as he leaned in to press a kiss to the beautiful fox’s cheek, which was damp from sweat and tears of pleasure.

Ye Hua took a step back from Bai Qian once Mo Yuan was there to help support her, needing a second to calm the raging hunger building inside himself from his motions against her body. He was barely hanging on to his control. His erection had become larger and more painful after the stimulation, the flared head turning purplish with acute need. Drops of milky fluid were leaking from the slit at the tip as he clenched a fist for control, fighting the urge to take himself in hand and start stroking firmly. He wanted to find his release in the body of the beautiful fox instead. One look at Mo Yuan’s face told him his brother was in the same needy state. Again, silent communication passed between him and his brother.

Mo Yuan moved his head closer to Bai Qian. “On your knees, sweet fox,” he ordered in a soft tone, brushing his lips and moustache against her ear as he spoke. Bai Qian shivered at the contact, nodding as Mo Yuan pushed down on her shoulders, following her down to the ground as she kneeled in the soft sand. Ye Hua took his position behind her, kneeling and moving close to her.

Ye Hua started pressing soft kisses along her shoulders, moving her soft hair out of his way. Mo Yuan leaned in and took one of her nipples into his mouth, applying gentle suction as he kneaded the other breast with his hand. Ye Hua ran his fingers down her back and along the curve of her hip, slowly moving his hand over her mound and cupping her. He applied steady pressure with his palm, smiling when he heard her breathing increase once again. Ye Hua felt the lovely fox arch her back against his chest as she thrust her breasts out towards Mo Yuan when his brother moved his mouth to her other nipple to suckle on it forcefully. She moaned and Ye Hua slipped one long finger inside her while he rubbed her clit in circular motions with his thumb, building her pleasure back up quickly. Her channel was slick from her earlier orgasm and he inserted a second and third finger into her easily and began moving them in and out of her.

As soon as she began panting again and moving her hips in time with Ye Hua’s fingers, Mo Yuan released her nipple and pushed her down on to her hands and knees in front of him. Bai Qian eagerly got into position, feeling Ye Hua remove his fingers from her body and grab her hips, rubbing the head of his erection along her moist opening and in between her folds. She felt him begin to push inside of her, stretching her core more than it had ever been stretched before. She tensed against him as it almost became painful.

“Relax sweet fox,” the soft deep voice ordered her, leaning down and pressing kisses to her cheek. “You can take all of my brother if you relax.” Mo Yuan reached down and caressed her nipples softly as Ye Hua ran his finger over the folds cradling the head of his erection tightly. He was breathing heavily as he waited for her to relax around him, forcing himself to wait until she was ready. As soon as the tension in her body relaxed from his and Mo Yuan’s caresses, Ye Hua rammed himself inside her, closing his eyes as her body tightly enveloped his entire erection.

Bai Qian cried out in pain and pleasure as her body was filled completely with his hard length. Never had she felt as full as she did with him inside her. She moaned deeply as he pulled himself out until just his flared head rested within her, then cried out as he forced himself back inside her. The length of his hard flesh ran along her clit and her body clenched with the powerful stimulation. He repeated the thrust once again and fluid gushed inside her passage as another orgasm began to build inside her.

She felt a large hand cup the side of her head and lift up her face. Immediately Mo Yuan brushed the head of his erection against her lips, leaving a smear of milky fluid across them. She licked his essence from her lips and then licked the broad head of his erection firmly. He gasped and more of the salty fluid drained from the slit. Bai Qian licked it up eagerly, swirling her tongue around the flared head and teasing the sensitive slit. She felt Mo Yuan grab her hair roughly in his hand to hold her steady.

“Open your mouth for me, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan ordered, voice hoarse and unsteady now as he struggled to maintain control.

Bai Qian’s lips parted and he moved his hips forward, forcing the flared head of his length passed her lips and filling her mouth completely. Bai Qian knew he was too large for her to take completely so she focused on sucking him as hard as she could as he began steadily moving in and out of her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed out with her effort as he started thrusting into her mouth steadily. She swirled her tongue over the broad head firmly every time he pulled away and created pressure against him as he pushed forward. Salty fluid flowed from him more steadily as he increased his pace.

Bai Qian’s pleasure skyrocketed as both men moved in and out of her, the brothers quickly finding a rhythm that worked for all three of them. Every forceful thrust Ye Hua made into her core pushed her forward and moved her mouth further along Mo Yuan’s erection until she felt the broad head hitting the back of her throat with every stroke of her mouth on his length. Her body tightened around Ye Hua as he moved, trying to keep him firmly inside her and she heard him start panting as the strength of his thrusts increased and became more frantic.

As Ye Hua came close to his release he leaned over her back and wrapped an arm around her middle, gaining leverage to thrust harder inside her. She cried out her impending orgasm, the sound muffled by Mo Yuan’s erection filling her mouth. She felt Ye Hua’s erection thicken inside her even more as he rammed himself into her with bruising force over and over before his arm tightened around her and he roared his own release, thick hot fluid spurting over and over inside her as he continued to thrust into her. Her body clamped down on his length as intense pleasure exploded through her middle and spread out to her limbs.

Mo Yuan’s length thickened inside her mouth as he followed them both over the edge, holding her head in place as she continued to suck him forcefully. Warm, salty fluid spilled from him and filled her mouth, throwing her over the edge a second time. Bai Qian could feel his semen running down her chin as she tried to swallow all of it. She ran her tongue along Mo Yuan’s length as he pulled away from her. He ran his fingers over her chin gently to clean the evidence of his release from her face and lips.

Bai Qian’s limbs began to tremble with fatigue as Ye Hua’s softening length slipped out of her body, streams of his warm fluid running down her thighs as he pulled away. Ye Hua caught her hips and Mo Yuan grabbed her shoulders to keep her steady so she wouldn’t collapse to the ground in an exhausted heap. Ye Hua waved his hand over the ground under her and his robe appeared beneath them, providing her a soft place to rest. Both brothers helped lower her tired body to the ground softly, cleaning her with warm caresses of cultivation as they did.

Bai Qian sighed with contentment as she felt both men lower themselves next to her on the ground, keeping her sheltered protectively between them. She could not remember a time she had ever experienced as much intense pleasure and such complete fulfillment as she just had with the two dragons lying next to her quietly. They were forceful and gentle all at the same time. It had been a potent combination and part of her was tempted to ask to see them again, but she did not. They were princes of the Heavens and Bai Qian knew she didn’t belong in the kind of world they lived in.

“Who are you, sweet fox,” Ye Hua asked quietly as if he had been reading her thoughts. He reached out and brushed a strand of hair away from her face. She felt Mo Yuan listening attentively for the answer as well. He ran a hand along her shoulder softly.

“No names,” Bai Qian answered with a small smile of regret, not letting on that she was aware of their names and relationship to the Father of the Heavens.

She said nothing more and a peaceful silence descended over the clearing as they all relaxed into sleep, each brother keeping a hand on her possessively.


Ye Hua groaned as bright sunlight hit his face, forcing him out of his restful sleep. It took him a minute to realize he was not at home in the Heavens, but in the Mortal Realm. He forced his eyes open and stared up at a blue sky above him with rays of sun filtering around him through the tops of mature bamboo plants. The night before came rushing back to him; his hunt with Mo Yuan for the five-horned beast, the appearance of the beautiful nine-tailed fox, and the passion he and his brother had experienced with her. He breathed in with pleased satisfaction as he remembered thrusting into her the night before. The scent of sex and sun-ripened peaches was still heavy in the air around him. He felt the first stirrings of arousal in his length as he breathed in the lingering scent of their lust once again.

A lazy smile crossed Ye Hua’s face as he reached over to his side to touch the fox’s soft skin. He frowned when he found she was gone, grimacing when he accidentally brushed against his brother’s bare chest instead. He sat up quickly, hoping to find her by the warm water of the spring. She was nowhere to be found. But the ground of the clearing was covered with pink peach blossoms. Their floral fragrance filled his nose and teased his senses, reminding him of the arousing scent of the beautiful fox. He looked down and found pink petals scattered over his legs and lap. They were also covering Mo Yuan’s nude body where he continued to sleep soundly. But their sweet fox was no longer there.

Ye Hua jumped up, pulling his robe out from under Mo Yuan’s body, ignoring the irritated snarl he received from his brother at being rudely disturbed.

“Put your clothes on, Da Ge,” Ye Hua said urgently. ” We need to find her.”

Mo Yuan jumped up in response to Ye Hua’s frantic tone, scattering peach blossoms all around him and grabbed his own robe. He hastily shrugged it on, tying the sash around him sloppily as he came fully awake. It took him a moment to chase the haze of sleep from his mind and understand what was going on. As soon as he realized, he joined his brother in scenting the air all around the clearing in an effort to pick out in which direction the nine-tailed fox had gone when she left. He felt as desperate to find her as Ye Hua did. They searched the bamboo forest for hours but never found her scent beyond the clearing. Their sweet, beautiful nine-tailed fox had vanished without a trace, disappearing from their lives as abruptly as she had appeared. The scent of sex and the peach blossoms scattered on the ground were the only evidence she had been there at all.

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