Hunting 2: Mo Yuan and the Elusive Fox

Bai Qian checked her appearance in the mirror one last time, ensuring she had not overlooked some small detail that might give the truth of her gender away. She was attending the Summer Solstice Festival for the first time in thousands of years. She preferred to avoid crowds of people because of the lewd way men often gazed at her human body. There had been a time when she relished the attention but now, the stares just made her uncomfortable. She was dressed as a man to try and avoid the unwanted scrutiny. Her disguise would also help her accomplish her purpose today.

Bai Qian was making a mistake. She knew attending the festival was a reckless chance to take but she had to see them again. Mo Yuan. Ye Hua. Her two dragons.

As princes of the Heavens, they would never truly belong to her. She knew that but the knowledge didn’t stop her from thinking of them as belonging to her deep inside herself. No other man had come anywhere close to igniting the flames of arousal inside her the way they had. She had quickly given up trying to reproduce the feelings with somebody else. It had been over three hundred years since that passionate night in the bamboo forest but her body still yearned for their touch and only their touch. She longed for both of them.

Bai Qian knew that night had affected Ye Hua and Mo Yuan just as strongly. She had seen the greath lengths they had both gone to in order to try and locate her. She had witnessed Ye Hua’s well-known artistic talent for herself when she started finding her face plastered all over the place. And Mo Yuan had organized a methodical search, using the highly-trained soldiers he had at his disposal, to attempt to track her down. They both had ways of obtaining the information they wanted. The monetary reward they were offering to anybody who helped them capture her was mind-boggling. Her dragons had vast amounts of resources available to them and they were putting those resources to effective use.

Bai Qian had spent the last three hundred years evading their efforts. Luckily, her father had taught her the art of hiding in plain sight. His training had served her well but there had been a few close calls. The twins were smart and observant and they were both very determined. They were getting better at picking up on subtle clues. And while they may no longer be going all out to find her now like they had done initially, they had not ceased their search completely. They were looking for her still.

Which was why her decision to go to the festival today, to place herself within their vicinity, was foolhardy. And yet that didn’t change her mind. Not even when a part of her was tempted to allow them to find her just so she could feel their arousing lips and tongues on her skin again. To be enveloped in their powerful arms again. To experience their forceful possession of her body followed by the soothing gentleness of their light caresses again. To hear their soft-spoken voices calling her “sweet fox” in deep, aroused tones. She wanted all of it. Just one more time.

Bai Qian frowned at her reflection as she felt a familiar tingle of pleasure stirring between her thighs and the moisture collecting along her folds. Thinking of them and that night aroused her, made her wet with desire. She had brought herself to climax many times while thinking of them and that perfect night. Just imagine how much more intense the pleasure would be if she allowed them to love her just one more time. But giving in to those kinds of thoughts would only lead to pain and heartbreak in the end. There was no happy ending for her and her dragons. She knew that as well as she knew the risk she was taking today.

Bai Qian turned away from the mirror, reminding herself of the strict rules she had set down for herself.

She was not attending the festivities to recreate the night of sensual lovemaking she had shared with her twin dragons no matter how tempting it may be. She wasn’t going to try and grab their attention. She wasn’t going to attempt to talk to them. All she would allow herself was a glimpse of their faces to remind herself of their strong features. She wanted to watch them from afar to observe the minute differences in their individual mannerisms. And she wanted to memorize the exact nature of their scents to refresh her knowledge of the subtle distinction that existed between the two of them. Bai Qian had noticed that night that not every little detail was exactly the same between them.

Those tiny differences were growing hazy in her mind but they were important to her. She refused to let them fade away completely. After all, her memory of that night was all she had to keep her body fulfilled now. Much to her discontent, she could no longer reach an orgasm without her dragons in her thoughts.

Bai Qian’s plan was to use the cover and distraction of the crowd to get a little closer to them one more time, to fill in the details needed to keep her memories alive and her fantasies realistic. After she had taken in her fill of them she would fade away without them being the wiser.

And, if for some reason the twins sensed her, there was nothing they could do about it. Not at a festival where they were surrounded by their father’s people, in a place where they were representing Heavenly Father in his stead. They would have to ignore her presence to avoid being rude to everybody around them. At least, that was her hope. She knew there was a chance they might catch her today. The festival was still the best chance she had to get near them without being noticed.

With that in mind, Bai Qian disappeared from her bed chamber as she jumped to the outskirts of the excited crowds. She took a deep breath in order to calm herself. Then she stepped through the invisible barrier Heavenly Father had erected around the area to prevent the immortal guests from cloud-jumping directly to and from the festival itself.


Mo Yuan’s temples were pounding. He hated crowds of people and endless noise unless it was during war and he was leading soldiers into battle. And he absolutely despised making polite small talk. He didn’t understand the need for pointless conversation just for conversation’s sake. It was a waste of time and effort he could be using for more important things.

“What do you think, High God Mo Yuan? Do you agree the prices of jade and silver in the Mortal Realm have increased unfairly over the last several hundred mortal years?”

Mo Yuan dragged his attention back to the group of men gathered around him, plastering what he hoped was an interested expression on his face. He had tuned out the discussion as the men had droned on and on about trade and the prices of precious goods in the Mortal Realm.

“Yes. I do.” Mo Yuan nodded politely and tried to manage a small smile. He rarely visited the Mortal Realm and he had no idea how much it cost to purchase jade there. Or anything else for that matter. Why was he here?

The men didn’t notice his lack of interest in their topic of discussion. They seemed pleased just to have his agreement.

Mo Yuan’s mind wandered away from the boring conversation again as the men began discussing the prices of gold. He glanced around the area furtively, trying to find his brother without being obvious about it. He located Ye Hua off to his right, talking and laughing with a group of men dressed in hunting garb. Mo Yuan waited for Ye Hua to look his way so he could try and catch his attention.

Ye Hua didn’t necessarily enjoy small talk any more than Mo Yuan but he was much better at pretending he did. He was more social and tolerated these official gatherings better. While they tended to give Mo Yuan a headache, Ye Hua usually managed to find an interesting discussion here or there as he made his rounds through the people.

Mo Yuan knew if he could make eye contact with Ye Hua, his twin would come over and direct the conversation towards himself to allow Mo Yuan to slip away from the group without being rude. In the past, whenever Mo Yuan had tried to leave a discussion he had no interest in, he inevitably ended up insulting somebody. He was just too direct about things. So Ye Hua had mastered a seamless strategy for politely getting Mo Yuan away from tedious social situations a long time ago.

Mo Yuan groaned inwardly when Ye Hua stayed absorbed in his own conversation and failed to look his way. What was so interesting over there that his brother couldn’t even spare him a quick glance?

He narrowed his eyes into an irritated glare and directed it at Ye Hua’s back. Perhaps that would help gain his brother’s notice. If it didn’t work, Mo Yuan was just going to have to be rude because he couldn’t stand here with these men feigning polite interest much longer.

When Mo Yuan noticed Ye Hua’s shoulders stiffen abruptly, he thought he had finally managed to get his attention. He felt a sense of relief until he noted Ye Hua’s attention was directed elsewhere. He frowned with growing curiosity when he saw Ye Hua was gazing intently off into the crowd. Something wasn’t right. He scanned the people but failed to find whoever it was Ye Hua was looking at.

That was when the scent hit Mo Yuan. His nose was flooded with the sensual fragrance of peach blossoms and aroused female fox. The memory of a warm night wrapped in mist and desire surfaced front and center in his mind. It had been three hundred years since that night but Mo Yuan would recognize her unique scent anywhere. Every little nuance of the scent of her arousal was ingrained in his very being as he knew it was for Ye Hua. His and Ye Hua’s sweet fox was here. After three hundred years of futile searches, she was finally near them again.

A possessive, threatening growl rumbled deep in his chest before he could stop it. His protective instincts urged him to declare his claim on the nine-tailed fox and to warn every male in the area except for Ye Hua away from her. With the way he was feeling, Mo Yuan knew he would kill any man other than Ye Hua who dared touch her. She belonged to him and his brother. As far as he was concerned, she would always be their sweet fox.

Every man near Mo Yuan stepped back from him and dropped their eyes to avoid meeting his gaze. They all knew that to meet his eyes after his warning would be to issue a direct challenge to him. There was nobody present capable of challenging him or Ye Hua; nobody was powerful enough. The men shrank back in fear even further when Ye Hua rumbled a claim and warning of his own, prompting Mo Yuan to repeat his menacing growl again.

Both brothers wanted to make sure the message was clear. Now they just needed to catch her.

The twins started moving as one when their eyes zeroed in on a slight figure hurrying away from them through the crowds. People jumped back and tripped over each other to avoid getting in their way. Mo Yuan automatically angled off to the right as he gave chase. He didn’t need to look Ye Hua’s way to know his brother was heading off to the left. They would follow her and cut off her escape. It was a maneuver they had performed successfully many times while hunting and their fox was the most important prey they had ever pursued. Mo Yuan knew they would catch her.

Bai Qian’s skin prickled with desire when she heard her dragons growl. But then she panicked because she realized the possessive sound meant Ye Hua and Mo Yuan must have scented her. And they were not ignoring her to avoid being rude like she had thought they would. How could she have been careless about masking her scent properly? She had allowed herself to become too wrapped up in her desire for them.

She couldn’t let them catch her, not if she wanted to avoid starting something that would only end badly for her.

Bai Qian started walking quickly in the opposite direction, cursing silently when she realized everyone around her was frozen with fear because of the brothers’ warnings. She should have stayed still and used her male disguise to buy herself a minute or two to try to come up with a plan. It was too late now. They had already spotted her. She picked up her pace and started running when she felt they were gaining on her. They were coming at her from both sides to round her up. She felt a rope of Ye Hua’s magic stream by her. She managed to sidestep and avoid getting snagged by it. But it had been close.

If she could just make it to the barrier before they managed to cut her off or capture her she could cloud-jump and make a clean escape.

With that thought in mind, Bai Qian shifted as she could run faster on four legs than two. She ignored the surprised gasps of the people around her. Many of them were seeing a nine-tailed fox for the first time. She ran low to the ground with her nine tails down in order keep a low profile and better blend in with her surroundings. She gulped nervously as the air around her grew dense with the overpowering feel of dragon energy. She picked up her speed and started deftly weaving in and out of the tables set up by vendors selling food and other wares.

Ye Hua shifted midstride, the long sinewy form of his powerful black dragon taking to the sky. It would be easier to keep up with his clever fox from the air. He could use the keen sight of his dragon eyes instead of those of his human eyes to track her quick, graceful movements. The shine of sunlight reflecting off Mo Yuan’s golden scales glinted in his peripheral vision, letting him know his brother was right there with him in dragon form, helping him capture their fox.

She was putting up a good effort but their sweet fox would not escape them this time. They almost had her. Once they got their hands on her she would never get away from them again.

Ye Hua waited for Mo Yuan to soar ahead of him before he swooped close to the ground. He started pushing her in his brother’s direction, driving her toward the location he knew his brother would choose to erect his barrier. A countdown started in his mind as he continued winding his long body in tight curving movements to avoid the people desperately running to get out of his way. His eyes were locked on the small white form running ahead of him. She was almost in position. He started creating a barrier spell of his own to help Mo Yuan box her in.

Bai Qian knew she was almost free of the spell preventing her from cloud-jumping. She could feel her dragons in hot pursuit. She just had to evade them for a minute or two more. She was almost there.

As soon as Ye Hua felt Mo Yuan’s barrier appear in front of their fox, bringing her forward progress to an abrupt halt, he immediately wrapped his own barrier around her from behind to trap her. At least, that had been the plan.

Ye Hua watched in shocked amazement as their sneaky fox managed to wriggle her way out of their energy field before it closed around her completely. It took her milliseconds to escape. He snorted smoke from his snout with frustration. Impossible. He heard Mo Yuan snarl impatiently from his spot high above them where he was circling over the area. They swooped toward her to try and cut her off again but their surprise at her unexpected evasion had cost them valuable seconds.

She took off like a streak of lightning, appearing as a white blur as she crossed the barrier erected around the festival and disappeared into the underbrush of a nearby forest. Mo Yuan took off after her, remaining low to the ground to try and catch up with her. Ye Hua immediately soared higher into the air to try and track her down, knowing it was too late. She would jump away as soon as she was out of their sight. Still, he desperately searched the forest from above for any signs of movement while keeping a close eye on the clouds around him for her escape.

Much to his annoyance, all he was able to see below him were flashes of Mo Yuan’s sinuous, golden form expertly twisting and looping through the trees as his brother conducted his part of the search for her closer to the ground. There was no sign of her anywhere in the sky around him. But then, a pure-white fox would blend in perfectly with the white fluffy clouds. Their best chance at catching her had been before she left the festival grounds.

After several minutes, Mo Yuan shot up into the sky furiously. There was no trace of her anywhere. She had disappeared on them again. Ye Hua roared his frustration this time and Mo Yuan echoed the sentiment as they circled around each other. The ground trembled from the angry sounds of the twin dragons and the air pulsed with waves of their rage and disappointment.

 The ground trembled from the angry sounds of the twin dragons and the air pulsed with waves of their rage and disappointment


Mo Yuan stared up at the ceiling of his bedchamber, brooding pensively, as he lay in bed. It had been a frustrating day all the way around. No matter how many times he went over it, he was still unsure how his nine-tailed fox had managed to escape his and Ye Hua’s barrier trap. He and Ye Hua had used that same trap countless times in the last hundred thousand years and they had the timing down to a science. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone or anything had evaded it. It shouldn’t be possible.

Mo Yuan lightly rubbed the peach blossom he was holding between two of his fingers. The soft petals always reminded him of her smooth, silken skin. He would give anything to be able to run his hands along the gentle curves of her body once again. He had imagined it countless times while holding the precious peach blossoms she had left behind for him and Ye Hua. He kept his half in a safe spot in his bedchamber, carefully wrapped in a preservation spell.

He went over the chase again in his head, forcing himself to analyze her every move from start to finish one more time. She was faster than he had expected her to be. And she was smart and agile. But they still should have been able to trap her. His barrier had been placed in the perfect position to cut her off and surprise her. Ye Hua’s timing with the second barrier behind her had been perfect. Yet, somehow, they had still lost her. He had to be missing something, something that would help them catch her next time.

Mo Yuan frowned and fisted the blossom tightly, crushing the fragile petals. He had to remind himself it no longer mattered. After receiving an angry lecture from their father on proper courtesy and decorum during official gatherings, Ye Hua and he had both agreed that they would let their fox go. If she was that determined to avoid them, they would stop pursuing her. Neither of them was interested in forcing their company or attention on a woman who didn’t want it.

But now that he was calmer, Mo Yuan was less sure of his and Ye Hua’s decision. Their sweet fox was difficult to let go of. For the first time in his life, he found himself unable to stop thinking of a woman. And he continued to have the nagging feeling she had been there specifically to be close to him and Ye Hua. The fragrance of her arousal had perfumed the air around them. So why had she been disguised as a man? Why wouldn’t she want them to know she was there? And why did she run? Had she planned a secret meeting with them only to change her mind at the last minute?

Mo Yuan forced the questions away with a heavy sigh of impatience. He may never know the answers.

He extinguished the candles and brought the crushed blossom to his nose, inhaling deeply while his eyes slid closed. The arousing scent of his sweet fox and that night with her filled his senses. He drifted to sleep remembering the addictive flavor of her climax on his tongue.

Mo Yuan opened his eyes to find himself kneeling on the sandy ground near a hot spring. There were large shoots of bamboo wrapped in hazy mist surrounding him. A nude woman appeared in front of him, kneeling with her back turned towards him. He reached out and brushed her long ebony hair to the side, slowly tracing the gentle slope of her back and the slender curves of her hips with his eyes. The subtle scent of peach blossoms surrounded her.

Mo Yuan’s body responded instantly as he recognized her, his length stirring with need.

He leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss upon the smooth skin of her upper back, taking a moment to breathe in the fragrance of her body. He slowly ran the tips of his fingers down the middle of her back lightly, finding the mere act of touching her more arousing than anything he had ever experienced with another. There was something about this particular woman that called to him.

“Where have you been hiding, sweet fox?”

Mo Yuan frowned briefly when he received no response. He moved a little closer to her, kissing the side of her neck lightly and then nuzzling his nose into the sensitive spot behind her ear. She shivered as his breath caressed her skin.

“Ye Hua and I miss you.” He brushed her hair to the other shoulder with his hand so he could kiss her neck on the other side. His mouth moved to her ear. “We need you. Why do you always run from us?”

When she abruptly moved away to get up, Mo Yuan’s fingers wrapped around a lock of her hair, grasping it tightly. She had triggered a possessive instinct inside him he had never experienced so strongly before. His urge to protect her and keep her near him at all times was overwhelming. His fox was not getting away from him this time.

He removed his robe with a thought and pushed his body up against hers, invading her space, his chest covering her back. He refused to release his hold on her hair. A growl rumbled in his chest as his growing erection settled into a spot nestled between her buttocks. Mo Yuan could feel the heat from his body warming her cool skin.

“No more running, sweet fox.” His voice was deep and hoarse with the arousal beginning to course through him. He tightened his fingers on her hair and pulled it, not hard enough to cause pain but enough to remind her he had her in his grip. “Do you understand?”

“Yes.” The word was a breathless gasp on her lips.

“Yes…?” Mo Yuan tugged a little harder on her hair, bending her head back ever so slightly. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as the air was suddenly flooded with the heady scent of her need. He could feel her muscles trembling against his and she shifted restlessly against him, rubbing herself against the flared head of his length. His erection lengthened and became even thicker, hardening with the stimulation and pressing against her buttocks with more urgency.

“Yes, Mo Yuan.”

“Good girl.”

Mo Yuan released her hair and placed his hand on her knee. She whimpered softly as he started trailing his fingers up the inside of her thigh with light, teasing caresses. He ran his lips over her shoulder, inhaling the peach blossom fragrance of her skin again as he tasted it with quick flicks of his tongue. He could never get enough of her.

He smiled when she pressed back against him, pushing her hips forward as his hand slowly moved in between her thighs. He ran a finger between her wet folds once, rubbing the swollen nub he found there firmly with the pad of his finger as he did. He suddenly halted the stimulation, just cupping her mound loosely with his palm but no longer applying pressure to her.

Mo Yuan growled in reprimand and wrapped an arm around her middle to hold her in place when she started to thrust her hips against his hand.

“Not yet, sweet fox. No moving until I tell you to.”

“Please…Mo Yuan.” She was panting against him and trembling. He closed his eyes for a moment again in order to steady his own breathing and regain some control. Her plea tugged on something inside him but he wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted. Not yet.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Mo Yuan pressed his palm against her mound.

“Yes, Mo Yuan. Please.” She moaned in response when he applied just a little more pressure against her as a reward.

“Who do you belong to, sweet fox?”

“I belong to you, Mo Yuan. You and Ye Hua.”

“Very good,” Mo Yuan whispered, kissing her shoulder softly before slipping one finger deep inside her moist warmth. “You must always remember Ye Hua and I are the only ones allowed to touch you, to taste you, to share your passion.” He began firmly massaging her clit with the pad of his thumb while moving his finger in and out of her core. He tightened his arm around her when she started to move her hips in rhythm with his thrusting finger. “No moving, sweet fox, not until I tell you to. Do you understand?”

She whimpered in protest at his order but her hips stilled. “Yes, Mo Yuan.”

“Very good, sweet fox.” He slipped another finger up inside her and he pressed harder against her clit, rubbing his thumb against her swollen nub in hard circular motions. Her head fell back against his shoulder, her body trembling as warm fluid trickled from her body. His hand was coated with the nectar from her core as he made love to her with his fingers. The walls of her channel began clenching around his fingers in a faster rhythm but she kept her hips still as he had ordered.

Mo Yuan removed his hand before she fell over the edge and she whimpered her disappointment. He sucked her sweet moisture from his fingers, savoring her unique flavor as it teased his tongue. As much as he wanted to taste her further, his need to possess her had become too strong to deny.

“On your hands and knees, sweet fox. Now. Let me inside you.” She immediately obeyed his order.

Mo Yuan pressed the head of his engorged erection between her folds, pausing for a moment to torture them both before he plunged into her tight body. He sat back on his heels, bringing her back with him so she was sitting astride his lap, her knees spread to either side of his. The new position pushed his length into her more fully until he was seated inside her to the hilt. Her channel squeezed against him rhythmically as some of her warm fluid trickled down his heavy sack, teasing the sensitive flesh and causing it to draw up with the need to release. She shifted her hips and he groaned deeply as the head of his erection was pushed further into her, brushing up against her core as her muscles clenched more tightly around him with the movement. She repeated the motion and he almost lost it inside her.

“No moving.” She froze. The order had sounded harsher than he had intended but if she continued shifting against him like that, things would be over for him before they even got started. He wasn’t ready for it to be over yet.

They stayed that way, motionless, Mo Yuan’s hard length filling every inch of her tight body, for several tense minutes. The only noise in the night was the ragged sound of their uneven breathing. Mo Yuan pressed a light kiss to the back of her head, finally breaking the stillness between them when he no longer felt he might spill his seed inside her at any second and embarrass himself.

“You can move slowly now, sweet fox.”

She started to push herself up his erection quickly, eagerly reaching for her climax, but he grabbed her hips to stop her.

“I said slowly,” he growled at her breathlessly, still fighting to maintain some control. “Move slowly, sweet fox. And do not come until I tell you to. Do you understand?”

She whimpered in protest but obeyed. “Yes, Mo Yuan.”

Mo Yuan reached up to roll one of her nipples firmly between his fingers as she moved herself up and down his erection at a slow, controlled pace. His other hand moved down to where his body joined with hers and he began to stroke one finger against her clit as she rode him steadily. He could feel her channel pulsing around his erection with every press of his finger on her swollen nub. Her body responding to his touch while he was inside her was the greatest feeling he had ever experienced.

“Please…let me.” She began to increase the speed of her movements as her body clung to his length more tightly.

“Not yet.” He pinched her nipple hard and she cried out as he mixed a little pain in with her building pleasure. “Slow down, sweet fox. Not until I tell you.” He could feel her struggling to obey him, to slow down and hold off her release, as he listened to her heavy panting. The way she surrendered her body to him and the control she allowed him to have over her orgasm fed his own hunger.

Mo Yuan pressed down on her clit harder and rubbed it more firmly, ruthlessly pushing her higher while demanding she not let go. She whimpered and he could feel her silently begging him for what she desperately wanted and what he would not let her have. But still, her pace remained slow as he had ordered it to. It felt wonderful to feel her body clenching tightly around his as she moved up and down his erection. His hold on his own orgasm finally began to unravel again and he started breathing heavily against her ear. He groaned when she trembled against him.

“Faster, sweet fox.”

She immediately obeyed his harshly-spoken order, picking up her pace and moving up and down his length frantically. Mo Yuan began thrusting his hips up against hers forcefully as her head fell back against his shoulder.

“Please.” She begged him to allow her to climax. Mo Yuan could feel her core strengthening its grip on his length even more. “Please, Mo Yuan. I need to…”

“Not yet.”

She whimpered, the sound becoming more desperate with every passing second as he continued to push her to her limit. He met her body with powerful thrusts of his own every time she plummeted down the length of his erection.

Her whimpers became higher in pitch and more breathless. Mo Yuan loved the arousing sounds of her passion and he soon became unable to hold himself back any longer.

“Now,” he growled harshly at her.

Mo Yuan could barely get the word out but she understood him anyway. He felt her body clamp down on his length hard as she screamed his name into the night. His thighs became coated with the nectar from her release as it poured from her. Mo Yuan could feel his own orgasm approaching.

He pushed her forward onto her hands and knees roughly once again, covering her back with his chest. He grabbed her hips tightly and began pounding himself into her without control. His length thickened inside her even further, increasing the friction along his erection as he thrust in and out of her. He was almost there…

Mo Yuan’s eyes sprung open and he was wrenched out of his dream. He growled his frustration as he found himself painfully hard, alone in bed, and on the verge of climax. He was too close to spilling his seed to attempt to calm his body down. He flung the covers off and scrambled into a sitting position on the side of his bed. He clumsily untied the drawstring of his linen pants, desperately releasing his rigid erection as milky fluid trickled from the slit and ran down the flared head. He grabbed his aching length and began pumping his fist up and down his engorged flesh with frantic speed.

He closed his eyes, his breaths becoming more ragged, and remembered the feel of his sweet fox’s mouth sucking him forcefully. He imagined he could feel her tongue firmly swirling around the head of his erection as it had done that night when he had moved in and out of her mouth. The memory of spilling himself down her throat over and over was all he needed to find relief. He groaned deep in his chest, spurting his seed after several more hard strokes of his fist.

Mo Yuan opened his eyes only after his breathing had calmed and his heart had stopped racing. He lifted his hand to find his viscous semen and the remnants of the crushed peach blossom clinging to his palm and fingers. The scent from his own arousal and release intermingled with the fragrance of peach blossom filling the room, stirring his body all over again. He had not had to resort to stroking himself to orgasm since he had been a teenager, and he grimaced at his appalling lack of control even as he felt renewed arousal moving through him. He still felt unfulfilled, still hungered for his sweet fox with a vengeance. He had to possess her again.

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