Hunting 5: Holding Their Fox Closer

Stepping back from the large bed, Ye Hua studied the shallow lines he had just finished carving into the smooth sanded oak surface of the headboard with a critical eye, ensuring he had included all the details that added depth and life to the emblem he and Mo Yuan had designed. Ye Hua had been practicing on scrap pieces of wood for the better part of two weeks to learn the technique. Carving an image into wood was much different from brushing lines and color onto paper but he enjoyed practicing new ways to use his artistic skills.

Since it was a gift for his sweet fox, everything about this bed needed to be perfect. The image he had just carved into the wood felt like the most significant project he and Mo Yuan had ever worked on together. This gesture was their way of showing her she was special and meant something important to them, that she was the only woman in both of their lives. Both the arousing dreams of making love to his fox and the quiet ones of simply spending time with her had increased in intensity and frequency since receiving her scroll, convincing Ye Hua that she was the only woman he would ever desire again, the only woman he could ever imagine keeping by his side for eternity.

Everything about this bed had to convey that message to her and he and his brother had less than a week left until the next full moon to get it right.

Using his dragon eyes to scrutinize the tiny details, Ye Hua assessed the faint lines one last time. The figure in the middle of the emblem was that of a nine-tailed fox, curled up in rest with her fluffy tails billowing out all around her. Two sleek dragons surrounded her, entwining their bodies throughout her tails and around each other to create an impenetrable protective barrier around her. With talons exposed and fangs bared on opposite sides of the image, the dragons dared anyone to try and approach their fox from any direction.

“What do you think, Da Ge?” Ye Hua asked when he felt Mo Yuan enter the room behind him, stepping aside so his brother could see the full emblem in its proper place.

Mo Yuan studied the image for several minutes. “It matches the one I saw in my dream perfectly.” He turned to Ye Hua with a confused frown. “But it’s hard to see. Shouldn’t it be darker?”

Ye Hua nodded. “It needs to be burned into the wood with dragon fire before it’s complete. The fire will etch the lines deeper into the wood and will darken them, making the image permanent.” He gestured to the headboard. “Go ahead, Da Ge.”

“You want me to do it?” Mo Yuan’s voice was full of disbelief. “But, Ye Hua, I don’t know how to draw very well.”

Ye Hua grinned, chuckling with amusement. “Yes, Da Ge, I know. Your drawings are terrible.” His face became more serious. “But you should be the one to complete it. All the lines are already there. You just have to trace over them.”

Mo Yuan smiled, grateful he would have a chance to add something of himself to the emblem for his female fox. “Once the design is done I just need to add some hooks to the frame to finish it,” Mo Yuan said, letting his twin know he had not forgotten that crucial detail.

Eyes darkening as desire flared hot inside him, Ye Hua imagined his fox nude and restrained with red silk before him on the bed as she begged him to touch her. Maybe not this time… Jia Yun had still not been able to find the perfect crimson silk yet, much to his frustration. But very soon. “I’ll show you where to put them,” Ye Hua responded, voice much thicker than it had been before. “Soon we will make the sweet nine-tailed fox ours.”


Unable to contain her nervous anticipation for a moment longer, Bai Qian arrived at the clearing in the bamboo forest several minutes before sunset. The subtle fragrance of peach blossoms surrounded her as she had bathed earlier using soap scented with blossoms from her peach tree before brushing out her long hair until the loose waves shone with a gentle gloss. She had even added the faintest trace of soft pink powder to her cheeks to give her complexion a healthy glow; she wanted to look her best tonight for her dragon princes.

Wearing a robe of sheer lavender fabric with nothing underneath, Bai Qian’s bare feet tread noiselessly across the sandy soil as she approached her hot spring. The familiar burbling sound of its warm waters greeted her like an old friend after a long unexpected absence, soothing away some of her anxiety about the outcome of tonight. It had been too long since she had last set foot in this place.

Despite the thin fabric covering her and the cool winter chill in the air, Bai Qian’s skin felt flushed with heat when her eyes were drawn to the spot where her passion had first collided with that of her two dragons. Incredibly, this clearing and its surrounding stalks of towering bamboo still looked the same, as if all the intervening years since that sensual night had not happened at all.

A whirlwind of arousing memories swirled through her thoughts when she moved closer to the spot where Ye Hua and Mo Yuan had made love to her, where they had captured her heart and body, making every part of her theirs. She imagined she could detect their heady scent still lingering in the air now. A pleasant tingle shivered its way down her spine, her skin prickling with arousal, her nipples suddenly feeling swollen and sensitive as they urgently pressed against their covering. An all too familiar insistent need started throbbing between her thighs but Bai Qian did not give in to the temptation to touch herself; tonight, her body belonged to Mo Yuan and Ye Hua alone. She would not take any part of that away from them despite her impatience.

Feeling aroused and restless, Bai Qian looked up to find the sky filled with deep red hues as the sun steadily crept its way toward the western horizon. How much longer until nightfall? How much longer did she have to wait for the possessive touch of her dragons to ease the persistent pulsing need from her heated body, for their presence near her to soothe the unrelenting ache within her lonely heart? The wait to finally feel them close to her again had been driving her mad. And yet waiting until this night, the night of the full moon, to become one with them again felt important to her.

Watching as the last rays from the sun faded out of sight and darkness took over, Bai Qian turned her attention to the beautiful sight of the full moon now illuminating the night sky.

It was time.

A thrill of excitement and nerves jolted through her and she closed her eyes in order to focus her other senses on her surroundings. She wanted to feel the arrival of her powerful dragons, wanted to scent them as they approached her. She waited but the atmosphere remained undisturbed. Bai Qian listened closely for the sound of their footsteps but the night stayed quiet other than the muted noise of an owl taking flight off in the distance. Maybe they were masking their presence from her?

Worry started creeping its way inside her, bringing disappointment with it, when Bai Qian opened her eyes to find herself all alone. Where were they? Did they not know she had been talking about meeting them this night? Did the dragons, with the perpetual light of the Heavens, not follow the phases of the moon as closely as her family did? Even if that were the case, if her dragons really wanted to see her again, she believed they would make an effort to mark the date of the next full moon. Bai Qian’s hopes sank with a renewed sensation of loneliness. She had waited too long to reach out to them. Ye Hua and Mo Yuan weren’t coming.

What had she expected? Her dragons were the only sons of the Father of the Heavens; beautiful, willing women flocked around them all the time, always vying to capture their attention for longer than a minute or two. It was a wonder they had bothered to look for her for as long as they had.

A regretful smile passed across her lips as she gazed up at the moon once again, feeling both foolish and sad. With a heavy heart, she looked down and walked toward the edge of the clearing, readying herself to jump back to the privacy of her empty bedchamber where she would spend another lonely, restless night.

The sudden appearance of a barrier blocking her path brought Bai Qian to an abrupt halt; her heart stopped as hope filled her once again when the air became charged with dragon magic. She didn’t dare turn around.

“Going somewhere, sweet fox?”

The masculine voice was soft and deep, calm. But it carried the subtle, yet unmistakable, undertone of a growled warning with it. Bai Qian recognized his voice with her heart and soul more than with her ears; she had heard it a thousand times in the dark of night before her dreams had faded into blankness and disappeared.

“Sweet fox.”

Her heart stuttered into a fast pace as the sound of his voice speaking those two words again sent a surge of arousal racing through her body but also gifted her heart and mind with a content peace she had not felt in some time. Finally, after so long, Mo Yuan was near her again. But where was Ye Hua? She selfishly wanted both of them. No… she needed both of them, selfish or not.

“Mo Yuan.” Bai Qian still didn’t turn, fearing this moment could be a dream that would disappear should she attempt to look at him.

The heat radiating from his skin enveloped Bai Qian as Mo Yuan stepped close to her, moving his body firmly against the back of hers. She leaned into him, feeling the hard muscles of his bare chest and the softness of his silken pants through her thin robe. His spicy scent filled her nose and her eyes slid closed when she felt his long fingers trace down the curve of her side until they reached her hip, his grip turning possessive as he held her in place and began pushing his groin up against the small of her back. She felt his chest expand as he breathed in the scent of her hair, kissing the back of her head gently before moving his lips down the side of her neck, his long, unbound hair brushing against her arm as he sampled the flavor of her skin with arousing flicks of his tongue.

“Mo Yuan,” she whispered again, reassured by his touch that he was truly with her.

Bai Qian’s senses were filled with nothing but him; the enthralling changes in his scent as he became more aroused, the hypnotic sound of his unsteady breathing, the stimulating scratch of his beard and moustache as he moved his lips and tongue along her skin, the demanding press of his large erection as she felt it harden and swell where he pushed it up against her. Everything about Mo Yuan held Bai Qian captive in an unbreakable haze of desire for him. But her earlier question still lingered. Where was Ye Hua?

As if her thoughts had called to him, Ye Hua’s strong presence abruptly joined Mo Yuan’s, the combined power of her twin dragons dominating the atmosphere of the small clearing and chasing away every last trace of loneliness lingering within Bai Qian. Her heart now felt complete; the three of them together was the way it should always be. Did her dragons realize it as well?

Opening her eyes, Bai Qian’s gaze roamed over Ye Hua’s lean muscular body while enjoying the feel of Mo Yuan continuing to press up against her. Ye Hua wore nothing more than a pair of black silk pants, his long hair unbound and sweeping down his nude torso, his feet bare.

Lifting her eyes up to his face, Bai Qian caught the end of a silent exchange between Ye Hua and Mo Yuan before Ye Hua’s eyes shifted to meet her own, his possessive gaze capturing hers. There was a dark intensity in his expression that she had not seen last time; his eyes seemed able to penetrate into the very heart of her. They made her feel vulnerable but she could not look away from him. He took a few steps toward her, a predatory grace in his every move.

Mo Yuan kissed her neck, caressing her hip before slipping his fingers in between her thighs. Bai Qian’s lips parted on a silent gasp as the tips of his fingers teased her folds through the now damp cloth barely concealing her body from their view. She rocked her hips against his arousing touch, searching for more friction against her clit, but Mo Yuan pulled his hand away and stepped back just as Ye Hua reached for her, swallowing her groan of protest when his lips met hers.

Moving her body flush against his, Bai Qian wrapped her arms around Ye Hua’s neck, relishing her first taste of his lips as they gently nibbled on hers. Running her tongue along his lips, Bai Qian moved her body even closer to him, sighing with pleasure when he deepened the kiss with a low growl, tangling his fingers in her hair to keep her in place. He swept his tongue against hers before claiming her mouth fully with forceful caresses of his lips and tongue. She returned the kiss with a fervor that matched his, rubbing her pelvis against him.

His warm breath caressing her face when he finally pulled away, Bai Qian found her eyes, once again, captured by his intense gaze. “Ye Hua.”

Bai Qian’s face flushed when she saw Ye Hua breathe in deeply, knowing her scent was filling the air.

“The scent of your arousal is intoxicating, sweet fox. And so are you.”

Not breaking eye contact, Bai Qian trailed unsteady fingers down his shoulder and across the smooth skin covering the lean muscles of his chest, flicking one of his nipples before moving her hand lower to run her fingers across the hard ridges of his abdomen. The change in Ye Hua’s breathing as she touched his body intrigued Bai Qian and she only stopped a moment when her fingers reached the edge of his waistband to explore the sensitive skin of his hip.

Ye Hua let out a shuddering breath when her hand moved lower, finding the bulge of his prominent erection where it strained against black silk. She felt it become more distended with the slight touch of her fingers. His eyes darkened, his gaze growing ever more intent, when she applied pressure and began to stroke her fingers up and down his swollen length through the thin fabric.

Growing bolder and eager to see his reaction, Bai Qian moved her hand even lower to caress his heavy sack but found her progress halted when Ye Hua pulled her hand away from his body. He lifted it to his mouth and pressed a light kiss against her palm, the sweet gesture a direct contrast to the hungry need she could see smoldering in his dark eyes.

“Later, sweet fox,” Ye Hua promised, his voice deeper and more gruff than it had been only minutes earlier, a change that further inflamed Bai Qian when she heard it.

“I need to erect a privacy barrier first.” He gestured for her to turn. “Look behind you.”

Though she strongly suspected Ye Hua’s barrier was more about keeping her in one place than providing the three of them privacy, Bai Qian did not argue with him. Instead she turned, anxious to finally look upon Mo Yuan who she knew was waiting with growing impatience behind her; she could feel his insistent gaze upon her, a dark dominating gaze that held her enthralled just as easily as Ye Hua’s had when she met Mo Yuan’s eyes.

Other than his facial hair and midnight blue color of his silk pants, Mo Yuan was the mirror image of Ye Hua with his chest bare and his hair down. The brothers both exuded power, strength, and an unmatched masculine grace. She had noticed those things before. But there was something new in their demeanors tonight, a fierce protectiveness and single-minded resolve that had not been there the last time. She sensed something in them had changed. Bai Qian couldn’t identify what it meant but it aroused her while also stirring up her longing to form an unbreakable bond with her dragons.

Tearing her eyes away from the alluring pull of his gaze, Bai Qian noticed that Mo Yuan was standing next to a huge bed. She had never seen one so large before. It looked very out of place in the middle of the surrounding soil and bamboo stalks. Her mouth opened in shock when she saw it and her eyes lifted back up to Mo Yuan’s just as she felt Ye Hua move close behind her. He nudged her forward with a gentle hand on the small of her back.

“The bed is yours, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan explained, reaching for her hand to pull her closer. Ye Hua followed, not breaking his contact with her, shifting so his fingers wrapped around her hip instead as she moved to stand between him and Mo Yuan.

“Only yours,” Mo Yuan added for emphasis.

A warm, affectionate glow filled Bai Qian’s chest when she realized the meaning behind his words. She squeezed his hand as her gaze slowly absorbed all the details from the thick, downy mattress to the wood stained a dark honey tone, stopping with awe when she found the emblem carved into the headboard. She knew the image had been designed by her dragons; it promised her their care and protection. She loved it… almost as much as she loved both of them.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured, shivering when Ye Hua’s fingers caressed her hip through her thin robe and Mo Yuan’s thumb stroked the back of her hand. Her body responded to even the slightest touch from them, moisture pooling between her thighs.

Both Mo Yuan and Ye Hua tensed when her aroused scent again flooded the air. She could feel the undivided attention from both men focused on her. Her breathing picked up with excitement when Ye Hua’s grip on her hip tightened and Mo Yuan growled deep in his throat.

“Tell us your name, sweet fox,” Ye Hua demanded, voice hoarse as his hand slid down her thigh. Mo Yuan stepped closer to her.

Feeling them both waiting expectantly for her answer, Bai Qian struggled with indecision and her body’s clamoring need for more of their heated touches. She wanted to tell them her name. But she needed to know the full extent of their intentions before she handed them the means to track her down. The three of them would need to have a serious discussion first but she couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the throbbing need in her clit.

“Later,” she whispered, sensing their growing frustration.

The tension in the air doubled as a heavy silence descended. Would they accept her answer and wait?

Glancing at Ye Hua’s face and then Mo Yuan’s, Bai Qian could see neither was happy with her delay tactic. But the hunger in their eyes had not diminished. If anything, it had intensified as they watched her. She knew they wanted to argue, to learn her name now. But she also knew their bodies were demanding they claim her. She could see it in the taut lines of their handsome faces, could feel it in the large erections pressing against her. Bai Qian watched, fascinated, as another silent exchange occurred between them. They had made their decision.

“All right, sweet fox,” Ye Hua acquiesced, a growl of displeasure in his voice. “Later then.”

Bai Qian nodded, grateful they had not pushed her for an answer. She waited for them to proceed, feeling a little awkward when they remained still. Weren’t they going to take control like last time? In the past, Bai Qian had never been one to wait and let the man lead during sex. But everything was different with her dragons. Their subtle dominance while making love to her last time had excited her; the thought of submitting to them more fully aroused her. So why were they still just standing there? Silence engulfed them again.

A glint of gold flashed in Mo Yuan’s eyes and Ye Hua’s turned darker when they both realized why she was waiting; she was surrendering control to them.

“On the bed, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan ordered in what Bai Qian knew to be a deceptively calm tone.

Feeling a bold sensuality with her dragons’ hungry gazes locked on her, Bai Qian slipped out of their hold and walked toward the bed until her legs hit the edge of the mattress. Letting a wave of her cultivation and aroused scent wash over them, she slowly crawled onto the bed on all fours, pausing to give them an enticing view of her rear. Turning around to face them, she kneeled, her knees sinking into the soft bedding. Sitting back on her heels, Bai Qian spread her legs wide, giving them both a small peek at the damp patch of dark curls between her thighs when the front of her robe parted slightly at the waist.

Fighting back the urge to demand they join her, Bai Qian forced herself to remain still for their appraisal despite the way her body clenched with arousal as their intense eyes swept over her. She knew they could see the rosy shade and shape of her swollen nipples where the robe covered her breasts and the outline of her slender curves and flared hips were accentuated by the translucent fabric. She had picked this robe for those reasons; it allowed her dragons to catch enough glimpses of her body to tantalize them into wanting more.

“You’re wearing too much, sweet fox. Take the robe off.”

Bai Qian loved the impatience she now heard in Mo Yuan’s rough voice; the sound sent an excited thrill of pleasure zipping through her. She lifted her eyes to meet his as she loosened the sash of her robe. “Yes… Mo Yuan.”

Possessive need flared hot in his eyes with her obedient words; the sight kindling something potent inside of her. Mo Yuan’s eyes then dropped to the slow movement of her hands and Ye Hua growled softly as she parted the fabric and bared herself to them, allowing the fabric to slip off her shoulders and pool around her.

Her heart rate speeding up, Bai Qian shifted restlessly, desperate for any kind of stimulation against her distended clit, as they both devoured her body with their gazes. She wanted to beg them to touch her but she bit her tongue and remained silent, allowing them the time they wanted to look upon her nude body. She had never felt so exposed and vulnerable before; every second of the feeling aroused her further.

“Touch yourself, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan ordered, moving towards her with deliberate steps. He moved onto the bed next to her, pressing a soft kiss to her shoulder before sweeping her hair back from her neck. “Show us how you make yourself climax when we are not around.” His eyes narrowed. “But don’t. Not until I tell you to.”

“Yes, Mo Yuan.” Her voice sounded breathless to her own ears as she watched Ye Hua stalk forward, kneeling before her when he reached the bed. He gripped her knees in a gentle hold, pressing a kiss to her inner thigh before looking up at her expectantly.

When Bai Qian started trailing one hand down her stomach, Ye Hua’s fingers tightened. His possessive and almost painful grip, now on her thighs, sent jolts of pleasure pulsing straight to her core, her channel dripping with the nectar of her arousal.

“Keep going,” Ye Hua ordered hoarsely when she hesitated for a mere second, his frustrated eyes following the path of her hand.

“Ah,” Bai Qian panted breathlessly, her fingers reaching the slick swollen folds between her thighs. Mo Yuan’s hand enveloped one of her breasts, applying firm pressure to her taut nipple, just as Bai Qian’s fingers delved within the slit of her mound to find her engorged clit pulsing in time with every rapid beat of her heart. She stroked the sensitive nub gently between two of her fingers, quickly finding the rhythm that worked best for her. It had been so long since her last orgasm and she knew she could finally reach that blissful moment of pleasure again now that her dragons were with her.

“Are you wet for us, sweet fox?” Mo Yuan questioned gruffly, bringing his hand up to grasp her other breast.

She nodded, her answer no more than a whimper. The pace of her fingers stroking her body increased, her thighs bucking against Ye Hua’s hold as her hips moved faster. She was panting in earnest now; she could feel her approaching climax.

“Stop.” Mo Yuan’s sudden order barely penetrated her haze of pleasure and he snarled the word again when she did not obey, releasing her breasts to grab her pelvis. Bai Qian groaned in protest when Ye Hua grabbed her wrist and pulled her fingers away from her clit before she growled her frustration that they had not let her come when she had been so close. Two dominant dragon growls filled the night, reminding her she had submitted to them earlier, demanding she continue to submit to them.

“I said not to climax until I say, sweet fox.” Mo Yuan spoke harshly as he pushed her onto her back, Ye Hua straightening her bent legs and draping them over his shoulders, opening her to his view.

“I was close,” she argued breathlessly, glaring at Mo Yuan as he pinned her hands to the mattress, his hair creating a curtain around their heads. “I need…”

Mo Yuan’s lips captured hers, halting her words as his tongue swept inside her mouth in a scorching dominating kiss. Her tongue met his, returning his kiss with eagerness until he pulled away. He remained silent until her eyes opened and met his hungry gaze.

“Ye Hua and I know what you need, sweet fox, and we will give it to you in time.” She squirmed in Mo Yuan’s hold as she felt Ye Hua begin skimming his lips along her inner thigh, flicking his tongue against her skin and nibbling with his lips as he moved closer to her aching nub. The possessive light in Mo Yuan’s eyes increased. “Do you trust us to take care of you, sweet fox?”

Bai Qian sucked in a sharp breath at the loaded question, seeing how important her response was to Mo Yuan just by his serious expression. Ye Hua’s teasing kisses stopped; though she couldn’t see him, Bai Qian could feel him listening intently for her answer along with Mo Yuan.

“Yes. I trust both of you.”

Mo Yuan gifted her with a bright smile and Ye Hua caressed her thigh with gentle affection; both actions filled Bai Qian’s chest with a warm content glow. Mo Yuan leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to her lips as Ye Hua yanked her pelvis to the edge of the mattress, her knees falling open on his shoulders. She moaned into Mo Yuan’s mouth as Ye Hua’s long finger stroked along her slit before circling around her clit. She jerked when Ye Hua kissed her swollen nub, the brush of his warm breath arousing her most sensitive flesh.

Mo Yuan released his hold on her wrists, reclining next to her side on the bed, reaching to cup one of her breasts with his hand as Ye Hua pushed a finger up inside her clenching channel. She arched into Mo Yuan’s hand, sucking in a shuddering breath when Ye Hua slipped a second finger into her and applied steady pressure to her clit with his thumb. He began thrusting his fingers into her, teasing her with a slow pace.

“Ye Hua’s been waiting centuries to taste the sweet flavor of your building climax on his tongue, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan whispered as he leaned closer to her, kissing her shoulder and neck before pulling back to watch her. His eyes darkened as her eyes met his. “Let him enjoy a nice long taste. Okay? Do not come until one of us tells you to.”

“Yes, Mo Yuan.”

He grinned, a predatory edge to the pleased look. “Very good, sweet fox.”

Before Bai Qian realized his intent, he swooped down to grab one nipple with his lips, pinching the other between his thumb and finger firmly. He sucked her nipple hard just as Ye Hua’s fingers parted her folds and his tongue licked against her throbbing clit. Overwhelming pleasure crashed through Bai Qian as Ye Hua tongued her engorged nub in a steady thrusting rhythm while Mo Yuan’s lips clamped around her nipple, suckling with varying pressure as he grazed it with his teeth.

Familiar shivers of pleasure began to tingle through Bai Qian’s lower back and clenching channel. She squirmed her hips against Ye Hua’s face and arched her chest towards Mo Yuan’s mouth and hand as she struggled to hold off her impending orgasm. Not yet; neither of her dragons had given her permission to climax. How much longer would they make her wait? Bai Qian felt like she had already been waiting an eternity to reach that ultimate moment of pure ecstasy again.

Grasping the edge of her discarded robe in one fist, Bai Qian almost lost it when Ye Hua’s tongue pushed its way up inside her core. She whimpered as he thrust it up into her again and again, pausing to swirl his tongue around her clit before thrusting it back into her. Her other hand snaked its way down her side, seeking Mo Yuan’s erection. She could feel it pushing against her side as he moved to suckle her other nipple, abandoning the first one to the sharp nip of cool air after being enclosed within the warm moist cavern of his mouth. He groaned against her nipple when her fingers found what they had been looking for, wrapping around the thick engorged length as best they could through his silk pants. She began stroking him.

All thoughts fled her mind when Ye Hua intensified the pressure of his tongue against her. Bai Qian’s hips steadily thrusting against Ye Hua’s mouth now despite his holding her pelvis, she moved her hand up and down Mo Yuan’s erection in time with Ye Hua’s pace, pressing her fingers against him in firmer strokes. Mo Yuan wrenched his mouth away from her breast with a quick tug on her nipple. He growled as his hips jerked against her hand when she reached the tip of his length and focused on it. Bai Qian felt a small sudden spill of warm fluid wetting the silk under her fingers when she rubbed the sensitive swollen head. She intensified her efforts on that damp spot but Mo Yuan pulled her hand away from him before she could make him lose control.

His eyes met hers just as Ye Hua clasped her clit in between his lips and started sucking on her aching flesh. She whimpered, panting breathlessly, as the sharp tingles of pleasure shooting through her congregated within her throbbing nub, her encroaching orgasm gaining intensity.

“Not yet,” Mo Yuan reminded her, voice unsteady, as her whimpers changed to a higher pitch. He pinned both her hands to the bed again as he leaned over her, capturing her eyes with his. “Make Ye Hua work for it, sweet fox.”

Ye Hua growled at his brother’s words, the rumble vibrating against her clit, driving her higher. Her hips bucked against Ye Hua, thrusting up against him frantically. He started sucking the nub resting between his lips harder. She panted, begging Mo Yuan with her eyes to let her come. The tingles of pleasure were growing painful as she struggled to obey him and wait.


Mo Yuan’s eyes darkened with need as she pleaded with him to give her permission.

“Not yet,” he growled out. “Wait just a little longer.”

“I…” she groaned, unable to form words properly as her hips continued fighting Ye Hua’s grip. It was too much. She couldn’t hold it off any longer.

“Now,” Mo Yuan ordered, his eyes locking with hers, a strong connection snapping tight between them. Ye Hua’s teeth grazed her clit before he shoved his tongue deep in her body.

“Ye Hua!” Bai Qian screamed his name into the night, her eyes finally closing as pure ecstasy seized her, every muscle in her body clenching as spasms of pleasure crashed through her.

Trembling from the aftershocks, Bai Qian could only hear the sound of her pounding heart and ragged breaths when she first came back to herself. Then, the comforting feel of Ye Hua’s warm tongue lapping up every last trace of her climax from her folds and thighs reached her and she opened her eyes to find Mo Yuan still watching her, raging desire mixed with a second softer emotion Bai Qian couldn’t identify in his gaze.

“You’re beautiful, sweet fox,” he murmured, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips. He helped her sit up as Ye Hua eased her legs off of his shoulders, moving slowly so he didn’t cause her exhausted limbs any discomfort.

“Your taste is as sweet and intoxicating as your scent,” Ye Hua told her, his kiss as gentle as Mo Yuan’s had been but he carried the taste of her climax on his lips. “I will never get enough of it.”

Ye Hua stood and Bai Qian watched as he joined her and Mo Yuan on the bed, the atmosphere growing more charged with dragon energy as they surrounded her on both sides. The air was laden with the heady scent of their need; it filled Bai Qian’s senses every time she inhaled, arousing her all over again. She could feel two sets of eyes focused on her; their dark gazes were intent and hungry, at complete odds with the soft kisses they had just given her. It was that unique blend of tender and dominating that made her dragons irresistible to Bai Qian. Her body throbbed for them again already despite her recent orgasm.

Instinctively sensing how things would go this time, Bai Qian pushed on Ye Hua’s bare chest, trailing her fingers down his smooth skin as she caressed his lean muscles. She didn’t have to ask him twice; he turned and leaned his back against the headboard as she moved to straddle his outstretched legs at the level of his knees, running her hands up his thighs until she reached the large bulge waiting for her attention.

Her hands eager, Bai Qain untied the drawstring of his pants, freeing his distended length from the black silk. Ye Hua lifted his hips, hissing a sharp breath through his teeth when the fabric scraped along his sensitive flesh as she pulled his waistband down. Long and thick, Ye Hua’s arousal filled her vision where it jutted towards her from between his thighs, sending a shiver of excitement coursing down her spine.

Bai Qian grasped Ye Hua’s erection in her hand, stroking him with a firm grip as she heard Mo Yuan remove his own clothing before he kneeled behind her to place open mouthed kisses over her back and shoulders. A jolt of pleasure shot through her when Mo Yuan nipped the sensitive skin of her neck before sucking on the spot hard. The pace of her hand moving up and down Ye Hua’s body increased as Mo Yuan sucked on her neck. Moving her hand lower, Bai Qian cupped Ye Hua’s sack as Mo Yuan’s tongue lapped at the red mark he had just left on her skin to soothe the sting, her fingers tightening without thought when Mo Yuan nipped her neck again.

Ye Hua’s hips jerked. “Easy, sweet fox,” he gasped gruffly. “I’m close enough as it is.” A deep rumble escaped his chest when she squeezed him again, excited by the sight of him reacting to her touch.

The sudden grip of Mo Yuan’s hand in her hair halted Bai Qian’s teasing; he reached around and slipped one finger in between her folds, pulling her head back and to the side as he then slid two of his fingers up inside her clenching channel. His beard rasped against her skin as he nuzzled her neck with his nose, inhaling her scent. She started panting, excited, as he exerted his control over her, the softer sound joining that of the brothers’ harsh breathing.

“You’re ready again, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan growled out, pushing his body closer against hers, the tip of his swollen length nudging up and in between her weeping folds. Bai Qian whimpered as she imagined his thick erection stretching her core wide. “Take Ye Hua in your mouth. Let him feel the pleasure your tongue and lips can give.”

She nodded, eager to learn Ye Hua’s taste.

“Very good, sweet fox,” he whispered hoarsely, releasing his grasp on her hair.

Raising her eyes to Ye Hua’s, Bai Qian met his hooded gaze as he stared her down. Bracing her hands on his strong thighs, not breaking eye contact with him until the last possible second, Bai Qian lowered her mouth toward the flared head of his distended flesh. She pressed a gentle kiss to the slit on the tip before flicking her tongue against it. A deep masculine moan filled the night as a drop of milky fluid appeared before her. She caught it with her tongue as it trickled down his length, licking back up to the top where she swirled her tongue around the swollen head of his erection with more force. Her efforts were rewarded with more dribbles of his salty essence as it leaked from him.

“More,” Ye Hua growled, burying his fingers in her hair to push her mouth closer to him. “I can’t…”

Bai Qian parted her lips as he urgently pressed his length against them, engulfing the tip of him within her mouth, taking as much of him as she could manage. Clamping her lips on him, her cheeks hollowed as she applied steady suction and began to move her mouth up and down his thick girth, swirling her tongue along the sensitive head of his erection every time she reached the tip, tasting drops of salty warmth. Ye Hua’s fingers tightened in her hair and she heard the thud of his head falling back against the headboard as she sucked him off. She felt his hips jerk as he started panting hoarsely, fighting his instinct to start thrusting up into her mouth.

Keeping his turgid length cradled between her swollen folds, Mo Yuan reached up and grasped both of her nipples and rolled them between his fingers as he rubbed his erection against her engorged clit in a teasing motion. Bai Qian parted her thighs further, inviting him to enter her. He held off for a few moments longer before sinking deep into her body with a possessive growl. The sudden sensation of his body stretching her core sent stimulating spasms through Bai Qian. She moaned around Ye Hua’s length, sucking him harder, as Mo Yuan pulled out and pushed back in with a slow firm thrust, rubbing his entire length over her throbbing nub.

A larger splash of warm fluid flooded Bai Qian’s mouth when she moaned. She swallowed as best she could and the movement of her mouth and throat stimulated Ye Hua further. She felt his tenuous control over himself snap.

“I can’t stop,” he snarled as his hips began thrusting up toward her in earnest, pushing himself further into her mouth. Bai Qian felt the tip of him hit the back of her throat with every upward push of his pelvis. She clamped her lips around him tightly as he moved, running her tongue along his length, her own body clenching tight around Mo Yuan’s erection as Ye Hua took control from her. Nothing aroused Bai Qian more than the sensation of their bodies both deep within her own.

With a deep snarl of his own, Mo Yuan’s thrusts into her soaking channel increased in strength. Bai Qian whimpered as she felt waves of pleasure start crashing through her body, her clit growing more engorged and sensitive with every push of his erection into her.

“Not yet,” Mo Yuan gasped, still rocking himself into her.

Bai Qian groaned in protest, her body spasming around Mo Yuan’s as Ye Hua thrust up into her mouth with more force, reaching further down her throat as he did. She swallowed around him, feeling his erection swell even larger in her mouth as he tensed. His fingers fisted in her hair and his hips bucked several times against her lips before he roared into the night, spurting wave after wave of his thick, hot essence down her throat multiple times. It filled her mouth and coated her tongue.

Trying to swallow as much of his fluid as she could, Bai Qian felt rivulets of it trailing down her chin as Ye Hua pulled his still twitching length out of her. Breathing harshly, Ye Hua raised a trembling thumb to her lips, wiping the traces of his semen from her face. She licked his thumb as it ran across her lips before she started pushing back against Mo Yuan’s powerful thrusts with more force, her body clinging to his every time he pulled out only to slam back into her.

“Now,” she pleaded, her voice desperate as she whimpered.

Pausing the motion of his hips, Mo Yuan stopped and withdrew from her core to flip her onto her back before ramming his thick length back into her. His eyes met hers, his possessive gaze holding her captive, as he pinned her hands to the mattress. He started thrusting his hips once more without responding. He was too far gone to answer.

“Not yet.” Ye Hua responded to Bai Qian’s plea instead, moving to her side to hover over her as Mo Yuan raised up to his knees. Ye Hua’s hands pinned her wrists down as Mo Yuan lifted her hips up to meet his, achieving a deeper, more penetrating angle, ensuring his erection rubbed against her clit more completely. Every time he thrust into her, he yanked her pelvis flush with his. She wrapped her legs around his hips as her core tightened around him even further. She whimpered breathlessly, her eyes begging Ye Hua as her climax built to a painful level again.

“Now,” Ye Hua ordered, his gaze refusing to release hers as she gasped. Bai Qian felt that same strong connection she had felt earlier with Mo Yuan snap into place with Ye Hua as she lost herself in a haze of pleasure and his gaze.

She stared at Ye Hua several seconds longer until her eyes closed as her orgasm crashed through her.

“Mo Yuan!” She screamed his name as Mo Yuan pounded into her with powerful motions, his rhythm no longer steady. Her body clamped down on his, every muscle spasming with pure pleasure and she arched her pelvis into his, as she felt his erection swell further, stretching her wide. His roar filled her ears and his hips jerked against her before he spurted his essence inside her over and over again, the hot fluid spilling into her clenching core, filling her body. It ran down her thighs when he finally pulled out after sucking in one last shuddering gasp. Bai Qian’s body was still tingling with spasms of pleasure when he collapsed next to her on the bed. His fingers intertwined with hers and squeezed as they both struggled to catch their breaths.

Slowly opening her eyes, Bai Qian found Ye Hua’s. He was watching her still, a tender look in his gaze; it matched what she had seen in Mo Yuan’s earlier.

“You’re a lovely sight, sweet fox,” Ye Hua whispered, kissing her lips before lying down next to her. He pulled her closer to his side.

Following the movement, Mo Yuan shifted closer to her as well, refusing to let go of her hand. He leaned over to kiss her mouth softly before bringing her palm to his lips to press a gentle kiss upon it. He settled right next to her on the mattress before waving his other hand over her body to clean his semen from her inner thighs.

Feeling more peaceful than she had in a long time, Bai Qian enjoyed the night sounds of the forest as she rested in blissful contentment in between her two dragons. She lifted her eyes to the full moon illuminating the clearing around them. Right here was the only place she wanted to be; warm and safe while snuggled within their protective embrace, her body sore and exhausted from their lovemaking, her scent intermingling with theirs. If she could stop time and stay in this moment forever, Bai Qian would do so without hesitation. But reality came crashing back to her when Ye Hua broke the tranquil silence surrounding them.

“Tell us your name, sweet fox. You know who we are.”

“Everybody knows who you are,” she murmured in response, her earlier uncertainty returning. Even though Ye Hua had been the one to broach the subject again, Bai Qian could feel Mo Yuan’s expectant attention focused in on her as he waited with his brother for her to reveal who she was.

Ye Hua frowned as he turned on his side to look at her, his eyes searching hers for an explanation. “Is that why you ran from us that day at the festival? And why you hesitate to tell us your name? Because of who we are?”

Sitting up with a small wince of soreness, Bai Qian tugged her hand out of Mo Yuan’s and pulled on her robe, tying the sash with a soft sigh. Streams of pleasant warmth wrapped around her from both sides; their cultivation searching out all her tender spots to soothe the aches away. She turned so she could face them both, finding matching expressions of puzzled concern. Neither brother made a move to get dressed despite the winter chill in the night air. The sight of their lean bodies on casual display was distracting but Bai Qian did not let the temptation they presented deter her. It was time for that serious discussion.

Looking away from them to steady herself, Bai Qian stared at the mattress as she gathered her thoughts. She didn’t even realize she was worrying her hands in her lap until one of Mo Yuan’s hands covered her tightly clasped fingers, his warmth chasing away the sudden cold.

“It’s okay, sweet fox.” Ye Hua’s tone was soft and encouraging as he placed a hand on her knee to caress it with his thumb in a comforting gesture.

“Whatever it is that’s bothering you,” Mo Yuan added, giving her hands an affectionate squeeze, “you can tell us.”

“I…um, I want…” Bai Qian stopped, frustrated with her inability to express herself eloquently. She forced her head up to face them again. “What happens now?”

Both men tensed at the question, Bai Qian noticed with a sinking feeling. They obviously possessed that sixth sense so many men had, the one that told them when a woman was asking a seemingly easy question that had no easy answers. Were they planning to give her an answer they knew she wouldn’t like? Is that why they were tense?

“What do you mean, sweet fox?” Ye Hua asked her, caution in his tone.

“I mean, is this all there is?” Bai Qian pulled one of her hands out from under Mo Yuan’s to gesture between the three of them. “Do we just continue to meet when the mood strikes? Or… I feel very close to both of you and I want… Where do we go from here?” She needed to say so much more but hesitated to reveal more of her feelings to them.

As one, they both relaxed. Ye Hua smiled and reached up to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“You belong right here at our side, sweet fox. Don’t worry. We will take care of you.”

Her eyes moving to study the emblem they had carved for her, Bai Qian tried to convince herself to just let the rest of it go for now. It should be enough; she knew Ye Hua’s words were sincere. His and Mo Yuan’s gift to her and the warm intensity in their eyes while making love to her this time told her Ye Hua spoke the truth for both him and his twin. She didn’t doubt that. Did the details really matter at this point?

They did.

Bai Qian wasn’t naive enough to think Ye Hua’s words meant exactly what she wanted them to. There were many wealthy men out there who kept women on the side outside of their official marriages, women they may even love more than their wives. Most of those men took great care of their mistresses.

But that wasn’t what Bai Qian wanted with her dragons. She didn’t want to be the woman they kept hidden in the shadows while spending the majority of their time with their proper wives, the wives the world acknowledged belonged to them. She didn’t want to know there were women waiting at home for them when they were making love to her, women her dragons would be going back to when the night was over.

And what about her children? The only men Bai Qian would ever have children with were her two dragons. She wanted her children to be legitimate, to be able to freely spend time with their fathers whenever they wanted to. Even if she could overlook everything else, Bai Qian knew she would grow to regret her relationship with Mo Yuan and Ye Hua if her children were forced to live in the shadows with her. For that reason alone, Bai Qian felt the need to clarify what her relationship with her dragon princes meant for the future before she went any further with them.

It was sudden to bring it up, she knew. She had only spent a handful of hours with her dragons but Bai Qian already felt sure she was destined to spend her life with them. It was better to mention her intentions now before their lives became intertwined so irrevocably she couldn’t ever pull away. She didn’t want to be left on the outside, always looking in at them. Was that not the most important reason she had reached out to them in the first place? To find out if a life with them were possible?

“Take care of me how?” Bai Qian asked, breaking the silence that had engulfed them once again. She breathed in deeply for courage. “I’m not from a royal family. I’ve never walked in the same circles that you have. I know what that usually means for a woman but I don’t want to be your mistress. And I don’t want to be part of a harem. I want to be your wife… your only wife.” She glanced between them, making sure she made eye contact with both of them, ignoring the matching expressions of stunned surprise on their faces as best she could. “I want to marry both of you.”

Neither brother responded right away but she hadn’t missed the way they both tensed again at her pronouncement. Nor did she miss the silent exchange going on between them. They had not been thinking about marriage, she realized with a heavy heart.

Bai Qian saw Ye Hua start to respond; before he could speak, she forced herself to ask the last crucial question on her mind. She was ready to have all her concerns out in the open.

“Do you think Heavenly Father will allow both his sons to commit themselves to the same woman?”

Ye Hua’s mouth snapped closed, a wary expression in his gaze now. He seemed at a loss for words.

“Nothing about marriage has been decided or discussed, sweet fox.” Mo Yuan’s voice broke the silence when Ye Hua made no indication he would answer her question. Mo Yuan pulled her back down to lay in her spot in between them, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “It’s late and we’re all tired. Let’s talk about this tomorrow.”

Bai Qian nodded, feeling a tight uncomfortable knot of heartache develop in her throat. She fought back the tears welling up in her eyes and blinked them away. She caught Ye Hua’s narrowed eyes as he scowled at his brother before his expression softened with concern when he turned his attention back to her. He leaned over and kissed her mouth.

“Goodnight, sweet fox,” Ye Hua murmured, a sentiment echoed by Mo Yuan who now sounded a little bit uncertain.

Unable to speak unless she wanted to start crying in earnest, Bai Qian did not respond. She merely closed her eyes, wishing she could disappear into the mattress under her. Both brothers picked up on her mood, moving their bodies tight against hers, Mo Yuan placing an arm over her waist while Ye Hua held her shoulders. Having them so close to her now was bittersweet for Bai Qian but she stayed motionless for a long time, long after she heard their breathing become quiet and steady as they both drifted into sleep.

After waiting “just a little bit longer” for the tenth time, Bai Qian finally convinced herself to leave them. She weaved a strong relaxation spell around Ye Hua and Mo Yuan, coaxing them into a deeper sleep, before she very slowly wriggled her way out from under their arms. She held her breath as she eased herself away from them and off of the bed, freezing in place when Ye Hua stirred. She sent another wave of her cultivation his way, relaxing him back into a deep sleep.

Her bare feet silent on the sandy soil, Bai Qian stopped at the edge of the hot spring, glancing back at her sleeping dragons one last time when she felt the ache of loneliness already beginning to encroach back into her heart. Was this really the last time she would see them? The idea brought the tears back to her eyes again; this time, she allowed them to slip down her cheeks without restraint. Maybe it didn’t have to be…

Reaching into a hidden pocket in her robe, Bai Qian pulled out one earring from the pair she had changed her mind about wearing at the last minute. The earrings were unique; they had been crafted specifically for her by a master jeweler. She had told Mo Yuan and Ye Hua what she wanted. If they were willing to take that next step with her, let them come find her. She opened her fist and the earring slipped from her fingers and dropped onto the ground. She did not give in to the urge to look back at her sleeping dragons one last time as her slender human form shifted into that of a graceful white nine-tailed fox. She slipped into the warm waters of the spring and disappeared from sight.


Ye Hua was dreaming of a meal he and Mo Yuan were sharing with their sweet fox under the canopy of a blossoming peach tree. It was a most beautiful dream of a balmy spring day. The air was pleasant and warm and carried the distinct sound of laughing children playing a game off in the distance. Children? His heart skipped an excited beat as he looked for them, frowning with concern for their safety when a rumble of thunder interrupted the peaceful afternoon. A storm must be headed their way.

Still half asleep, Ye Hua groaned in disappointment as another furious growl from Mo Yuan rumbled through the clearing, penetrating his senses and dragging Ye Hua out of his perfect dream.

“Wake up,” Mo Yuan ordered, glaring down at his brother’s sleeping face.

“Five more minutes, Da Ge,” Ye Hua muttered groggily, burying his head under his arms.

“No, Ye Hua,” Mo Yuan snarled angrily, shaking his brother’s shoulder hard. “Get up. Now.” He shook Ye Hua’s shoulder again, sending a bolt of stinging power through him. “Wake up!”

“What is it?!” Ye Hua snarled back as he sat up clumsily, his shoulder throbbing from his brother’s painful zap. Why did his limbs feel so heavy and sluggish? A potent sleeping spell. The answer formed slowly in his still sleepy mind. Who…?

“You were supposed to put a barrier up!”

Lifting his head to meet Mo Yuan’s scowling face, Ye Hua felt irritated and very confused. “I did put a barrier up, Da Ge. I put one around the whole clearing like we planned.” He and Mo Yuan had plotted it out days ago and Ye Hua had even traced over the outline of it again last night while they had been hidden by cloaking barriers and watching their sweet fox waiting for them to arrive. Remembering how easily she had evaded their barrier at the festival, he had wanted to make extra sure he placed it correctly.

“Well, there’s something wrong with it. She’s gone!”

“What?” Ye Hua muttered, shaking his head to brush off the lingering haziness he felt. Then his brother’s meaning hit him. His eyes snapped up, colliding with Mo Yuan’s infuriated gaze. “What?! She can’t be gone!”

“She’s not here, Ye Hua,” Mo Yuan ground out through clenched teeth, fighting back the strong desire to hit his brother. “There’s something wrong with your barrier. You let her get away again.”

Pulling on his pants as he stood, Ye Hua looked around the clearing. Their sweet fox was indeed nowhere to be found. He probed every part of his barrier and found no broken or weak spots, even the canopy he had created above the bamboo shoots to block her escape by cloud-jumping was in place. He glared at his brother’s accusation. “There’s nothing wrong with my barrier, Da Ge. Did you even bother to check it?”

“Then how did she get away? She wasn’t supposed to be able to leave.” Mo Yuan growled, the threatening sound disturbing the peace of the forest. “We still don’t even know her name! Or how to find her!”

“And whose fault is that?!” Ye Hua took a threatening step toward his twin, clenching his fist at his side. “If you had taken two minutes to think before speaking, Da Ge, we’d know her name and my barrier wouldn’t have been needed!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing’s been discussed. Let’s talk about it tomorrow!”

“What’s wrong with…?”

“She thought you were brushing her off!” Ye Hua yelled, suddenly furious with his brother’s blunt way of speaking all the time. He moved further into Mo Yuan’s space with a glare. “You hurt her feelings, Da Ge! Couldn’t you tell?! You made it sound like we weren’t interested!”

“What was I supposed to say?” Mo Yuan shot back, refusing to back down from the argument. “Did you want me to lie to her? To make her a promise we may not be able to keep? We have no idea if Father will allow us to marry her.” Mo Yuan frowned. “I thought we would all be more clear headed and better able to discuss it this morning after getting some rest.”

“There are much better ways to say that, Da Ge! Ways that don’t sound so dismissive!”

“Then why didn’t you jump into the conversation, Ye Hua? I didn’t hear you offering up any answers. You’re the one who prides himself on being able to talk to anybody about anything. You were awfully quiet last night!”

“I was thinking!” Ye Hua stepped back with a frustrated sigh, loosening his clenched fist. His twin looked just as ready to hit something as he felt; all it would take was one punch thrown to start a serious fight between them. “She caught me off guard with her question about Father. Besides, anything I said to her after your answer would have only sounded like I was humoring her. The damage had already been done.”

Mo Yuan snarled at Ye Hua’s snide comment but did not respond immediately. “Arguing is getting us nowhere,” he finally stated, taking a deep breath to calm his anger. This was the closest they had come to a legitimate fight in a long time. “We need to focus our energy on finding her instead.”

“You’re right, Da Ge,” Ye Hua answered, letting go of his frustration with another heavy sigh. He looked around the clearing again. “My barrier is intact and strong. I honestly don’t know how she slipped through it.”

“We need to figure it out,” Mo Yuan pointed out, studying the problem as if he were evaluating an unexpected move by an opponent. His sweet female fox was far from being his opponent but that strategy was always his most effective for solving a difficult question. If Ye Hua’s barrier was intact and still surrounding the clearing, how did she sneak away? As irritated as he was with his brother right that minute, Mo Yuan still had no reason to doubt Ye Hua’s word. The only possible route for her escape would be the hot spring.

“I’ll check under the water,” Mo Yuan declared right as Ye Hua said, “It has to be the hot spring.”

With a flash of golden scales, Mo Yuan shifted into his dragon form and dove beneath the surface of the water.

Ye Hua spotted the glint of something shiny laying in the sand out of the corner of his eye as he was turning away from the water. He walked over and picked it up, studying the earring. It was shaped like a peach blossom, decorated with several expensive pink jewels. Holding his breath with hope, Ye Hua turned the earring over to look at the back. He released a relieved sigh when he found an imprint of the jeweler’s name etched in the silver. They might be able to use this to find her.

Mo Yuan appeared at his side. “I found her escape route. There’s a tunnel under the water. It connects to a second spring about half a mile away. The other spring is outside your barrier. Our sweet fox is clever and much stealthier than I thought.”

“And a lot stronger than she appears,” Ye Hua added, thinking back to the wave of potent power that had washed over him before she crawled up onto the bed. “She created a sleeping spell powerful enough to work on both of us at once. She must be a goddess.”

“A goddess that continues to elude us. We know how she escaped but we still have no idea how to track her down.”

“She dropped this as she snuck away,” Ye Hua responded, a smile appearing on his face for the first time since waking up, as he held the earring up for Mo Yuan to see. His smile turned remorseful, telling his twin he was sorry for his angry words with a silent exchange. “We can use it to find her, Da Ge.”

“Perfect.” Mo Yuan gave his brother’s shoulder a rough tap, his way of apologizing for his own unfair accusations earlier. “Let’s go find our sweet fox goddess, Ye Hua. But first…”

“…we need to speak to Mother and Father,” Ye Hua finished for him.

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