Hunting 7: Claiming Their Fox, part 2

Savoring the taste of Ye Hua’s lips still lingering on her own, Bai Qian closed her eyes and pressed her face into Mo Yuan’s neck, nuzzling her nose against his skin to breathe in his scent, enjoying the spicy changes she detected as she snuggled closer to him. A low growl rumbled up from his chest, his hold on her tightening as he sped up his pace. She knew where he and Ye Hua were taking her and couldn’t wait to get there. Mo Yuan growled again when Bai Qian pressed her lips against his neck in a gentle kiss, triggering an echo from Ye Hua who wasn’t far ahead of them.

The sound of those two possessive dragon growls belonged to her now, Bai Qian marveled as Mo Yuan and Ye Hua reached the skies above the large expanse of bamboo, moving quickly across the clouds toward their private forest clearing… and the bed waiting for them there.

Their growls belonged to her. As did the enticing flavor of Ye Hua’s seductive kisses and the tantalizing scent of Mo Yuan’s aroused body; the sensuous touch of their large hands caressing along her bare skin and their fingers exploring all her intimate places. And their thundering roars of ecstasy when they climaxed and spilled their potent essence inside her. Every captivating part of them belonged to her. They were incredible gifts and Bai Qian would cherish them always.

Did their hearts belong to her?

They did.

Bai Qian realized she didn’t need to hear the words spoken aloud to know her dragons loved her. Their ceaseless determination to find her told Bai Qian they had felt the same strong connection to her that she had felt to them after that night of passion so long ago. Their protective demeanors and tender care of her after each bout of intense love-making showed her she meant something important to them. And their willingness to go against long established traditions to give her the unusual marriage she had asked for declared their love for her.                    

In what felt like an eternity to Bai Qian but was in reality no longer than a few minutes, the three of them reached the clearing. She felt a pulse of Mo Yuan’s cultivation as he descended below the clouds, passing through a barrier erected around the area. The protective energy field had been constructed from a swirling mix of Ye Hua’s and Mo Yuan’s magic and Bai Qian’s skin tingled as their combined power caressed along her skin. The arousing sensation sent a wonderful shiver coursing through her, heightening her anticipation to be one with both Ye Hua and Mo Yuan again.

Opening her eyes only when Mo Yuan reached solid ground and stood near their bed, Bai Qian’s body slid along his lean muscular frame, rubbing against the bulge of his partially erect length, to stand before him. Mo Yuan’s intent gaze captured hers when she lifted her eyes to meet his while Ye Hua’s hands grasped her hips as he moved closer, brushing her long hair to one side.

“No more running, Qian Qian.” Mo Yuan stated, voice rough with unfulfilled need and an undertone of warning. “No matter where you go, where you hide, we will always find you.” 

“You’re ours,” Ye Hua added, his tone as hoarse as his brother’s.

Ye Hua’s lips brushed the nape of her neck and one of Bai Qian’s hands covered his where it rested on her hip. She craved more connection with him while her eyes remained captive to Mo Yuan’s gaze.

“Yes,” Bai Qian whispered, offering Mo Yuan a shy smile and tightening her grip on Ye Hua’s hand. “Every part of me belongs to both of you. There will never be anybody else… Hasn’t been anybody else since that first night with you.”

Mo Yuan’s eyes glinted gold, his gaze intensifying with desire. He reached out to trace her cheek with the tips of his fingers, rubbing her lips with the pad of his thumb when she leaned into his touch. Ye Hua’s mouth moved along the exposed side of her neck, flicking her skin with his warm tongue as he aroused her with teasing kisses. She protested when he reached the neckline of her dress and did not continue any further, his lips moving back to her nape where he pressed another chaste kiss instead.

“Repeat what you said earlier.”

There was an urgency in Mo Yuan’s tone, a plea unlike anything Bai Qian would have expected to hear from either of her dragons, a plea that was echoed in Ye Hua’s voice when he repeated his brother’s words. Bai Qian felt confused by their request for a moment. Did they think she was not sincere when she declared herself theirs?

“Only say it to us this time, Qian Qian,” Ye Hua added.

Understanding dawned on Bai Qian when Mo Yuan nodded to emphasize Ye Hua’s words, a silent plea now in his eyes to match what she had heard in his voice. She had no doubt she would find the same appeal in Ye Hua’s gaze if she turned to look. Of course! She had declared her feelings for them to her father but she had yet to tell them directly.

A bout of nervousness encompassed Bai Qian now that she had reached this moment. Saying the words would not be difficult; she knew now that she had loved her dragons for centuries, for much longer than she had originally been willing to admit. Bai Qian felt her love for them running through every fiber of her being. Her nerves instead stemmed from the sacred ritual she wished to perform with them.   

Bai Qian had been debating whether to request it of her dragons for weeks, ever since she had first broached the idea of marriage with them. The ritual was as old as time itself, much older than the ceremony of marriage, and much more solemn. It was a bond unlike any other, a simple one created privately between lovers and outside of all the chaos and spectacle of the public wedding ceremony. The ritual may be simple but the bond created was incredibly strong. It was rarely discussed and almost never performed because, once done, it could never be undone.

Now that she was here with Ye Hua and Mo Yuan, Bai Qian decided she wanted that bond with them.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Qian removed her hand from Ye Hua’s and reached for Mo Yuan’s, intertwining her fingers with his. She lifted her right hand to his face, caressing his cheek, savoring the rasp of his facial hair scratching against her palm. Smiling softly at him, Bai Qian felt a sense of calm fall over her as she stared into his eyes, feeling the powerful connection that already existed between them.

“I love you, Mo Yuan. I always will.” Her voice was little more than a whisper but she knew he could hear her. His fingers tightened around hers and he reached for her other hand, moving it away from his cheek and bringing it to his lips, pressing a tender kiss on her palm. He then brushed his lips against hers in a soft kiss that warmed her heart further. Before Mo Yuan could move away to give her time with Ye Hua, Bai Qian pushed on Mo Yuan’s chest, urging him to sit on the bed behind him.

Seeing the question in Mo Yuan’s brown eyes as he obeyed, Bai Qian remained silent, reaching for the silver pins holding his hair bound and removed them, appreciating the long raven hair that now flowed freely over his shoulders and down his back. She then pulled Ye Hua’s hands from her hips and wrapped his arms around her waist, ensuring he knew she wanted him right where he was, pressed up against her back protectively, while she took this next step.

Calling forth the wild cultivation of her fox spirit, Bai Qian’s nails lengthened into sharp claws on her right hand. The clearing echoed with the soft rumble of two dragon growls as her power wrapped around them both, twin dragon gods responding to the call of their fox goddess. Bai Qian shivered with pleasure at the vibrations running through her as she brought her right hand up and placed it over Mo Yuan’s heart, lifting questioning eyes to meet his.

Did he know what she wanted?   

Glints of gold swirled through Mo Yuan’s irises now, shining brightly at her, as he understood her request. He nodded once, untying the sash of his robe, removing it to bare his chest to her. She ran her fingers over his skin, caressing his warmth, feeling the strong beat of his heart under her fingertips. She repeated the caress, using the sharp points of her claws this time. An aroused snarl, a sound that excited her, escaped Mo Yuan and she felt his heart speed up in anticipation.

Ye Hua’s hold on her tightened with a low groan as he scented her body’s response to Mo Yuan. Bai Qian made sure to push her rump back into Ye Hua’s hardening erection, unable to deny the instinct to give him some of what he needed, when she leaned forward to press the point of one claw into Mo Yuan’s chest, piercing the skin over his heart.

Blood welled up with that first prick, the iron tinge of it intermingling with the aroused scents from all three of them now wafting throughout the clearing. Pressing just a touch harder, Bai Qian traced her claw across his chest, carving the characters of her name into the skin overlying Mo Yuan’s heart. Blood flowed freely from the wound she created, trickling down the contours of his muscles in crimson rivulets.

Mo Yuan didn’t so much as flinch at the pain she knew he must be feeling but she could hear his breathing become harsh and unsteady as needy hunger filled his eyes, intense eyes that were now a brilliant gold and never strayed from her face.

When she was finished with her name, Bai Qian placed her hand over it, infusing her magic into the cuts she had made in his skin; her cultivation searing the lines of her name into his heart permanently as it also became incorporated into the mending fibers of skin and muscle where she healed him. She felt him tremble and growl as she completed the ritual and the bond snapped into place.

Pulling her hand away from Mo Yuan’s chest, Bai Qian saw him mouth the words I love you silently before she looked down, her eyes moving lower than she originally intended. He was fully aroused now; her eyes lingered on the prominent bulge tenting up from the crotch of his pants, imagining his long thick erection waiting to fill her. She had not realized the bond would have such a powerful effect. A steady throbbing started between her thighs but she forced her eyes upward, distracted from her own need by the blood smeared across Mo Yuan’s abdomen. 

Removing the blood from his skin with a wave of her magic, Bai Qian stood in awe when she noticed the permanent etching she had created over his heart start to shine brightly before fading into a soft even glow. From this moment forward, her name would always glow faintly there, proclaiming to all who saw it that he had given his heart to her. Her claws disappeared as she traced over the lines softly. 

Feeling a sudden eagerness to mark Ye Hua in the same fashion, Bai Qian turned in his arms, finding him waiting patiently for his turn with her, never once trying to rush her through her moment with Mo Yuan. Just as Mo Yuan had not minded Ye Hua’s hands on her while she marked his heart, something that was an incredibly private moment when it occurred.

As she studied Ye Hua’s face, locating the subtle differences beyond his lack of facial hair that existed between him and Mo Yuan, Bai Qian was amazed how unselfish her dragons were with each other; one never tried to take more from her than she gave the other, always willing to share her without complaint or hard feelings. She didn’t doubt they argued as all siblings do but she had witnessed the unusually close bond between them multiple times. They worked seamlessly together without even having to speak. Was it because they were identical twins? Two parts of the one entity originally created at their conception? How long had they developed as one soul before they finally divided into two separate dragons?

Whatever the reason, Bai Qian was eternally grateful for it because it allowed her the pleasure of having a relationship with both of them without having to worry she was a wedge forcing them apart. 

Not wanting to break her connection to Mo Yuan, Bai Qian stepped back to sit on his lap, straddling one of his muscular thighs as she pulled Ye Hua over to her. Mo Yuan wrapped his arms around her as Ye Hua kneeled before her with an eager glint in his dark eyes. Reaching for Ye Hua’s hand, Bai Qian intertwined her fingers with his as she locked eyes with him, gifting him with one of her shy smiles. He leaned forward, pressing a tender kiss to her lips, and Bai Qian gave his fingers an affectionate squeeze as she kissed him back.

“I love you, Ye Hua,” she whispered softly to him, her smile widening when she saw him mouth back the words I love you. “I always will.”

Reaching for the silver pins holding his hair in place, Bai Qian laughed softly when Ye Hua beat her to them, yanking them out of his hair and tossing them to the side before hastily untying his robe and removing it, giving her an enticing glimpse of the outline of his large erection where it pushed against the crotch of his pants.

Her amusement at Ye Hua’s impatience fading as her eyes lingered on his body, Bai Qian shifted restlessly against Mo Yuan’s thigh, feeling moisture dampen her folds as her mound rubbed against the firm muscles supporting her. She remembered all too well the reaction Mo Yuan had shown to her placing the spell on him, the way his need for her had increased. Ye Hua appeared to be fully aroused already; how strong of an effect would the ritual have on him? Her core clenched at the thought of the strong willpower he would need to maintain control.

Both men tensed when a wave of her aroused scent washed over them. Ye Hua’s hands curled into fists, knuckles blanching as he tightened his fingers. Bai Qian felt Mo Yuan’s fingers wander to her leg, caressing the sensitive skin of her inner thigh while he somehow maintained the willpower not to let them trail any closer to her swollen clit. Their control was slipping! Bai Qian wanted the ritual to be completed before they gave in to their flaring passion.

Reminding herself of the importance of what she was about to do, Bai Qian took a deep breath to calm herself and her heated body before lifting her eyes back up to meet Ye Hua’s. His gaze  still remained locked onto her face. His eyes were darker than they had been before, black bleeding into the familiar brown, and they were filled with aroused hunger but also with the anticipation of soon bearing her name on his heart.

Reaching out to caress Ye Hua’s bare chest, running her fingers over the skin covering strong muscles and his heart, Bai Qian savored the rhythm of its beat under her fingers; it was just as strong and steady as Mo Yuan’s had been. His skin just as warm. She again called forth the cultivation of her fox spirit, shivering when twin dragon growls again filled the air.  

Not slowing the gentle movements of her fingers caressing Ye Hua’s body, Bai Qian’s nails lengthened back into her fox claws so the sharp tips scraped against his skin lightly. His reaction was part aroused snarl mixed with a pained groan as she lost herself in the sight and scent of his increasing need. His hand landed on her thigh and he squeezed it, urging her to hurry before the three of them lost their tenuous grip on their control.

Determined to see the ritual completed correctly with both of the dragons she loved and cherished, Bai Qian pushed back her arousal and focused on the man in front of her. The tip of one of her claws pierced Ye Hua’s skin over his heart, the scent of blood filling the air once more. Bai Qian’s hand steadied as she moved her finger through the familiar strokes, carving her name into Ye Hua’s chest with as much care as she had used with Mo Yuan.

Growls of desire rumbled from Ye Hua as she completed both characters, his breathing growing ragged when she placed her palm over his chest and used her cultivation to sear her name into his heart and infused it into the repair of the wound to his skin when she healed it. She removed all the blood from his chest and abdomen, laying her hand over his heart once more when her name flared brightly from its spot where it scarred his skin before settling into the same soft steady glow Mo Yuan’s now had. Her sense of awe was no less this time and she softly caressed the place where her name was embedded in Ye Hua’s skin; it was a perfect match to Mo Yuan’s.

When her eyes lifted to find Ye Hua’s once again, they had darkened to the pitch black of his dragon, the black of a moonless night. While Mo Yuan’s love for her shone in his eyes brightly with the golden hues of his dragon, Ye Hua’s love pulled her into the beautiful shadowed depths of his gaze. Both the dark and the light reached deep into her and connected with her soul; Bai Qian now longed to feel the searing heat of their names imprinted on her own heart and scored into her skin, longed to be bound to them for all eternity.

“It’s your turn.” Mo Yuan’s warm breath caressed the nape of her neck when he spoke, sending a pleasant tingle throughout her body.

Reaching for the tied bow securing her white lace wraparound dress, Ye Hua’s hands shot out and stopped her. She found he was more composed than she expected. He shook his head at her as he spoke. “No, Qian Qian. We’re doing it our way.”

Bai Qian nodded, a thrill flashing through her when she felt a pulse of powerful cultivation and then watched black dragon talons extend from the tips of Ye Hua’s fingers. A bright glint caught her notice and Bai Qian looked down to where Mo Yuan’s hand still gripped her thigh. Golden talons now graced his long fingers.                                                       

The afternoon warmth remained still and silent as Mo Yuan’s possessive touch and Ye Hua’s deep gaze held Bai Qian enthralled in a haze of growing desire, weaving an erotic spell around her as only they could. The atmosphere within the clearing became heavy with the essence of aroused dragon, the air charged and crackling with waves of their cultivation and laden with the scent of their powerful pheromones. Bai Qian’s heart raced, her nipples tightening to firm buds, and her clit throbbed as evidence of their need swirled around her, filled her with every unsteady breath she took.

In the blink of an eye, Bai Qian found herself alone on the bed and in a much different position than before, her knees sinking into the soft mattress as her dragons stood before her, staring her down. As distracted as she was by the steady throb of arousal pulsing through every part of her, she had completely missed Mo Yuan’s quick shuffle of her legs when he left. Red silk appeared in Ye Hua’s hand before he disappeared. She heard him stepping up to the opposite side of the bed. She started to turn her head to look behind her only to find her gaze, once again, caught by Mo Yuan’s. He refused to let it go as she felt Ye Hua climb behind her on the mattress.

“You’ve been a naughty fox, Qian Qian. Always slipping away from us. Haven’t you?”

Mo Yuan’s voice was deep and soft; she nodded, his scolding tone gripping her attention, sending a pleasant shiver rippling down her spine. “Keep your eyes on me.” Mo Yuan and Ye Hua wanted to play, wanted to take control now and Bai Qian was excited to give it to them. The sudden feel of Ye Hua’s sharp talons brushing against the nape of her neck had her gasping but her eyes never left Mo Yuan as she watched him stalk toward the bed.

“Close your eyes,” Mo Yuan ordered as he climbed onto the mattress in front of her and pulled her close to his body. “And don’t move.” Ye Hua followed, keeping close to her back, until she was pressed between her dragons on both sides.

Helplessly unable to do anything other than obey his commanding voice, Bai Qian’s eyes drifted closed. Cool silk caressed her face before wrapping around her head, covering her eyes. She could sense threads of Mo Yuan’s cultivation running through the strands of the blindfold.

“This will enhance your pleasure, sweet fox.” Ye Hua’s husky voice whispered close to her ear as he tied the silk firmly, cutting off her view of the clearing even if she opened her eyes.

Bai Qian’s body clenched with need when a dragon talon caressed her breast through the fabric of her dress, circling her taut nipple lightly. Mo Yuan teased her other nipple, his lips capturing hers, their tongues colliding when Bai Qian opened her lips and responded to his kiss. She felt Ye Hua’s hands grasp her hips before one hand moved lower so he could slip a finger down between her trembling thighs.  Bai Qian moaned deeply, the sound muffled by Mo Yuan’s mouth, when Ye Hua rubbed the tip of his talon along the slit of her mound, teasing her swollen folds carefully before barely grazing the engorged pulsing nub peeking out from between them.

Bai Qian shifted in place restlessly as their touch aroused her further. Her dress was now soaked through where it was caught between her thighs, her body growing wetter by the second as it eagerly prepared for their penetration. Every nerve ending she possessed tingled with arousal in rhythm with each stroke of their talons against her clit and nipples. The building ecstasy was overwhelming. 

There was something about those razor edged dragon talons touching her body with care and intimacy that drove Bai Qian wild; she felt ready to fall over the edge at any moment. Yet, because of how attuned her body now was with theirs, she knew she would be unable to find completion without the permission of one of her dragons. It was the best kind of torture possible.  

As one, the men breathed in her aroused scent deeply. She knew it permeated the air around them.

“You smell so good, Qian Qian,” Ye Hua murmured against the shell of her ear.

“Better than anything else in this world,” Mo Yuan added, his lips moving against hers.

She whimpered a protest when they both stopped their sweet caresses. She imagined a silent exchange occurring between them right before she felt their talons placed against her skin at the neckline of her dress. With a speed that left Bai Qian gasping, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua sliced through the fabric of her dress and underclothes, ripping them from her body, baring every flushed slender curve to their hot gazes.

“Please,” Bai Qian begged them, her tone a desperate plea for more.    

“Not yet,” Ye Hua responded huskily as he rubbed more cool silk along her back. Bai Qian shivered, goosebumps rising across her skin as the slick fabric slid across her skin. “Not until we’ve claimed your heart in return.”           

“It’s time, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan spoke up, placing his large hand over her bare breast to feel where her heart pounded with love and anticipation. She could still feel the prickle of his talons where his fingers rested. His and Ye Hua’s cultivations were rising higher as they prepared to mark her. She knew Mo Yuan’s eyes were glowing that beautiful golden color again as she sensed him studying her face just as she knew Ye Hua’s were still a captivating velvety black. “Put your hands behind your back. Now.”  

Bai Qian followed Mo Yuan’s order eagerly, now understanding why Ye Hua had more silk after blindfolding her. Her dragons wanted her tied up. She had never been restrained by a lover before! She felt Ye Hua wrap the silk around each of her wrists several times, his movements deft and confident as he tied what must have been a very intricate knot around her wrists and arms. She could feel threads of his cultivation weaved within the piece of silk.

“Nobody gets out of one of my knots,” Ye Hua told her once he had finished restraining her, running a talon down the length of her spine in a delicious caress that made her body flare hot with need. The sharp talon disappeared when he moved his hand back up her spine, trailing his fingers along her skin this time. It felt wonderful and she shifted restlessly in place.

Ye Hua grabbed her hips again in a sudden move and pulled her flush against his chest, his thighs spreading to rest along the outside of hers. Realizing for the first time that her dragons were no longer wearing any clothes at all when she was able to feel the flared head of Ye Hua’s distended length brush up against her fingers, Bai Qian attempted to move her wrists slightly in an attempt to caress and tease the sensitive spot and found there was no give to the binding. She wasn’t moving her hands until Ye Hua released her. She was helplessly unable to touch his erection with more than the backs of her fingers.  

“You’re a beautiful sight, Qian Qian, naked and bound with our restraints,” Mo Yuan whispered huskily against her lips, his fingers pinching her nipple and rolling it firmly between them before repeating the action on the other. She arched her chest into his touch with a groan, attempting to kiss him but his lips just barely touched hers, allowing enough contact to tease her but not enough for her mouth to catch his.

“No moving, sweet fox,” he added, scraping his talons over her breasts this time and circling her nipples with them. The sensation of them prickling against her bare skin felt wonderful, the dangerous pleasure of it enhanced by her knowledge that dragon talons were the sharpest objects there were. Her fox claws couldn’t match them. Not even the finest steel blade crafted by a master weaponsmith could come anywhere close. 

She growled in frustration when Ye Hua’s fingers slipped between her thighs and delved between her folds just as the order to stay still was given. She felt a sharp pain as one of Mo Yuan’s talons pierced her skin over her heart. The scent of her blood flooded the air as she could feel its warmth trickling over her breast and down her stomach.

Bai Qian was soon distracted from the pain by the rasp of Ye Hua’s fingers rubbing against her throbbing clit and her determination to follow Mo Yuan’s order to remain still. She cried out as the two contrasting sensations fought for her attention, the sweet pain of Mo Yuan carving his name deep into her skin and muscle and the pulsing pleasure building between her thighs with Ye Hua’s expert touch. Her hips jerked once despite her best efforts just as Mo Yuan removed his talon from her skin.

“Not yet, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan ordered before leaning down to kiss her stomach. He flicked his tongue along her skin as his mouth moved over her, removing the blood from her body with arousing licks of his tongue.

All her other senses enhanced with her sight cut off by the blindfold, Bai Qian’s sole focus was on the feel of Mo Yuan’s warm tongue and Ye Hua’s skilled fingers. Her hips jerked against Ye Hua’s hand again when he started to apply more steady pressure to her swollen clit and she felt her bound hands brush up against his erection forcefully with the sudden movement. He sucked in a harsh breath at the unexpected stimulation and a small amount of hot fluid spurted onto her hand, his precum smearing over her fingers. For one tense moment, she thought he might give in and start thrusting himself against her but with a pained growl, he moved his distended length out of her reach.    

Ye Hua’s finger lightened its touch against her clit and she whimpered with disappointment when he moved it away from her nub after one last stroke and trailed his fingers along her thighs instead, no longer giving her the stimulation her body was begging for. All her attention turned to her breasts as Mo Yuan followed the trail of her blood up to her left breast, suckling on her nipple, removing all the blood from it before licking along the wound he had made in her skin to slow the bleeding.

Bai Qian panted raggedly when Ye Hua’s palms cupped her breasts, kneading her nipples, just after Mo Yuan removed his lips and tongue from her skin. She could feel the tips of the talons Ye Hua had extended again scrape along her skin.

“You were so wet for us, sweet fox,” Ye Hua growled as she arched her chest into his touch. She startled as she realized his voice was now coming from in front of her. Now Mo Yuan was the one plastered to her back. When had they swapped places? It was hard to keep track of their movements when blindfolded.

All confusion fled her mind when Mo Yuan’s finger slipped up inside her clenching core and began moving up into her tight body steadily, brushing along her clit with his thumb only every fourth or fifth stroke, keeping her aroused to mitigate the pain while not allowing her to fall over the edge.

“You’re wet and ready for us,” Mo Yuan whispered against her ear, moving even closer to her. “I can feel your tight body gripping my finger, begging to be penetrated.”

“Please,” she whimpered, the breathless sound turning into a deep groan when Ye Hua’s lips tugged on one of her nipples, sending new ripples of pleasure through her muscles. “I need…”

“Not yet,” Mo Yuan ordered her, his voice growing unsteady as her hips began moving in time with his finger. “Stop moving, sweet fox.” She knew too much movement would make it difficult for Ye Hua to carve his name without injuring her but she had trouble making herself stop. She was so close to the edge. If only Mo Yuan would just start rubbing her clit a little more.

“I can’t…I need…” She felt Mo Yuan remove his finger from between her thighs and grab her hips to slow her down. Then he moved his own hips against her, positioning his engorged length just under her bound hands so she could rub his erection with the back of her fingers, giving her something else arousing to focus on while giving Ye Hua time to perform his part of the ritual.

Jumping slightly from the sting when Ye Hua’s talon brushed against her cut flesh where Mo Yuan had left his name, Bai Qian gasped when Ye Hua’s talon pierced her skin close to the same area. He started to carve a path along her skin and Bai Qian groaned when the stinging pain mixed with the pleasure of knowing she would soon carry both Ye Hua’s and Mo Yuan’s names on her heart for eternity. She rubbed Mo Yuan harder in response.

“You test my control like nothing else can, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan told her, his voice little more than a growl when she felt his erection twitch against her fingers, leaving behind some drops of his viscous fluid on her fingers before he finally moved his length away from her touch.

“Relax, Qian Qian,” Ye Hua murmured as he continued moving his finger, splitting her skin open with every stroke forming the characters of his name. A pulse of Ye Hua’s magic and Mo Yuan moving his finger back in between her thighs to rub her clit teasingly eased some of the sting away as Bai Qian leaned back against Mo Yuan’s chest, feeling her blood once again running over her left breast and down her abdomen.

Before she even realized he had finished, moist warmth engulfed her left nipple as Ye Hua circled it with his tongue, washing away her blood before sucking on it. He nipped her distended flesh before lazily licking away the last traces of blood from the skin of her breast and stomach.

By this time, her body was covered with a fine sheen of sweat and her entire body trembled with need, her long hair a mass of wild tangles as it hung freely down her back except for the small damp tendrils clinging to her cheeks and forehead. She couldn’t hold off any longer and she whimpered when Ye Hua covered her left breast and heart with his hand once more.

“Hang on,” Mo Yuan whispered in her ear, voice hoarse and unsteady, removing his finger from between her thighs and sneaking his arm around her torso to place his hand next to Ye Hua’s. Their palms grew hot as a combination of their cultivation shot through her. It set her every nerve ending aflame with painful ecstasy as the power of her dragons filled her entire being. It was a feeling unlike anything Bai Qian had ever experienced before; like lightning bolts of their combined heart and soul shooting through hers.

“Now,” Mo Yuan ordered as searing heat singed her heart. Bai Qian screamed her orgasm, her entire body seizing with overwhelming pleasure as Mo Yuan and Ye Hua imprinted a flaming version of their names onto her beating heart. She could feel the lines of their names burning into it, experienced the wonderful ache of their cultivation weaving permanently within the strands of skin and muscle as her wounds were healed by her dragons. She would carry a part of them with her always now; just as they would always carry a part of her with them. She felt the white hot sensation of their names flaring brightly within her skin before the sensation cooled to a soothing warm glow.

Despite her powerful climax, Bai Qian still felt unfulfilled and on edge, desperate for more.

“Keep going,” she begged, panting raggedly and shifting between them restlessly. “Don’t stop…please…”

She didn’t need to ask twice. Ye Hua lifted her up effortlessly and moved the head of his erection to her folds, nudging himself between them for a torturous second before ramming himself inside her with a low masculine groan as her body engulfed his. She sank down his engorged shaft, impaling herself on him. His thick length stretched her core. It felt wonderful and she began to ride Ye Hua as best she could with her hands tied behind her, thrusting up and down his length, seeking friction along her clit, loving the sound of his unsteady breathing as he struggled to hang on.

But Bai Qian didn’t want to lose the intimate connection with Mo Yuan yet; she wanted to try and take them both at the same time, wanted to maintain that exhilarating sense of complete connection she felt with them for as long as she could.

“I want you both,” she pleaded, slowing her pace. “Both…inside me…now.”

Not hearing Mo Yuan’s question to make sure she could really handle them both, Bai Qian continued to plead with him to penetrate her with Ye Hua. She needed him to hurry; she wanted to feel her body spasming around them both when she reached her climax. But she was running out of time; she was hovering on the edge. She could feel herself about to lose it.

“Hurry, Da Ge.”

Ye Hua’s harsh growl near her ear as he tried to hold his hips still so Mo Yuan could join them shivered along her nerve endings. A relieved sigh escaped Bai Qian when she felt Mo Yuan caress her bottom before slipping his hand under her to move his fingers between her thighs from below, gathering some of the nectar coating her skin there.

“Yes,” she murmured when she heard Mo Yuan’s low pained groan behind her, imagining him rubbing her fluid up and down his engorged erection, covering himself with her essence to ease his penetration. The fingers of one large hand grasped her hip to steady her and then Bai Qian could feel Mo Yuan nudging the flared head of his erect length in between her folds where they were already stretched open from Ye Hua’s presence inside her. Mo Yuan started to slowly slip inside her, stretching her as he eased his way into her channel from behind.

“Please, Mo Yuan,” Bai Qian begged, no longer able to wait.

Breathing a ragged breath against her ear, Mo Yuan thrust his hips forcefully, driving himself fully inside her. A sharp cry escaped Bai Qian when they were both fully sheathed inside her body, her core stretched beyond its limit, sharp pain hitting her for a  moment.

Then Ye Hua reached down to finger her clit where he was joined with her, sneaking his tongue between her lips to clash with hers in a frenetic kiss, as he stroked her swollen nub while Mo Yuan reached around to cup both her breasts with his palms, rubbing her nipples with arousing circular caresses. He nipped the skin of her shoulders before sucking on her skin.

Still blindfolded and unable to see, her bound hands were caught between her and Mo Yuan where he was fully seated inside her; their unsteady panting was the only thing Bai Qian could hear over the pounding of her heart. Ye Hua and Mo Yuan’s touch and presence flooded her senses and helped Bai Qian relax her body, allowing them to fit inside her more comfortably.

The wonder of having joined as one with both her dragons, that her body could take them both despite the impressive size of their erections, encompassed Bai Qian. The remaining pain eased away and exhilarating ecstasy replaced it, driving her back to the edge of climax swiftly. Her muscles clenched, rippling along the two distended shafts impaling her passage. Two possessive snarls rumbled like thunder around her and she whimpered at the power contained within their growls. Her breathless sound of impending climax snapped the last bit of control her dragons possessed; she felt it happen when they tensed.

“Move. Now.”

Mo Yuan’s harsh command sent Bai Qian into a frenzy as she lifted herself up and then plunged back down, savoring the pleasure of their hard unyielding lengths dragging against her sensitive and swollen clit, stimulating her nerves while stretching her body wide with every move.

Again and again she drove herself, riding them both as they thrust up against her in unison to meet her when she dropped down. Their powerful thrusts were mind shattering and Bai Qian lost track of all time and all of her senses other than the perfect tightness of her core where they filled her, claiming her body with theirs the same masterful way they had already claimed her heart and soul.      

Higher and higher she climbed, whimpering over and over again as she reached the final throes of ecstasy in a way that was beyond her ability to ever describe with words. Just as Bai Qian thought she might pass out from the intensity of it all, two hoarse, ragged voices gave their permission for her to let go.

And Bai Qian did, throwing her head back and screaming her orgasm into the forest as they thrust up into her one last time with powerful, bone-shattering force. Her entire body clenched with pleasure, her core clamping down on their erections as she plunged back down on them.

Two dragon roars drowned out her cries of pleasure as they pulled her down to meet their last upward thrust. Their hard bodies shuddered as pulses of hot thick fluid spurted inside her over and over again, flooding her body with their essence as they climaxed simultaneously.

The feel of their erections twitching while releasing their seed inside her channel’s tight grip drove Bai Qian up into a second climax and her entire body spasmed as she fell over the edge again in quick succession before collapsing bonelessly against Mo Yuan’s chest. None of them had the strength to move for a long time.

Bai Qian’s eyes met Ye Hua’s black ones when she finally opened them several minutes after Mo Yuan had removed the silk blindfold. She could see hints of warm brown returning to his irises. They were all still struggling to catch their breath.

Never had Bai Qian felt so many amazing sensations running through her soul and being all at once; love, contentment, power, exhilaration, peace, joy, pleasure, desire, awe, all of these things melded into one inside her, strengthening and solidifying her eternal bond to the two men now cradling her protectively between them, her body still encasing their lengths. Her muscles trembled with aftershocks from their intense lovemaking and she could hear and feel the soft, crooning dragon growls they offered to help soothe her. She could sense their love and affection for her in the tender rumbles, was certain they had never shared them with anyone else before her.    

Gasping in a pained hiss through her teeth when Ye Hua finally pulled out of her, Bai Qian winced as he stretched her tender folds with the movement. Two waves of warmth surrounded her before centering on the bruised flesh between her thighs. The ache evaporated and Bai Qian released a contented sigh at the feel of their healing magic. It felt wonderful.

Mo Yuan remained nestled within her channel for a moment longer to give her a chance to settle a little more before he too pulled his length out of her, releasing a warm stream of their combined seed as he did. It trickled down her thighs as Bai Qian settled back on the mattress.

Ye Hua moved behind her to untie the silk restraining her hands when Mo Yuan was unable to release the knot, massaging her arms and shoulders to help relieve any strained muscles, as Mo Yuan moved before her and washed his and Ye Hua’s semen, mixed with a little bit of her blood, from her inner thighs with a warm, damp cloth he conjured. Bai Qian noticed how careful he was to not remove any of their seed that remained up inside her core and her womb, the implications sending sparks of joyful anticipation through her.

Turning to face Ye Hua, she pressed her lips against his, reveling in the brush of his tongue along hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her. All their frenetic desire spent for the moment, the kiss was filled with warm affection and love as opposed to the desperate urges from before. She then turned to Mo Yuan with a small smile and pulled him close for a tender kiss as well, savoring the individual taste of their lips and the way their unique flavors mingled and complemented each other on her tongue.

Sucking lightly on Mo Yuan’s lower lip as she pulled away from him, Bai Qian eased down to lie on the mattress, smiling when her dragons followed her in order to rest right next to her. This bed would be theirs to share forever.


The wonderful word repeated in her mind as Bai Qian felt peace and warm contentment settle inside her at the thought. She would never sleep anywhere else but at the side of her two dragons from this moment forward. It didn’t matter that their official vows had not been spoken yet. After the ritual and their wondrous lovemaking, Bai Qian knew the thought of being separated again would be intolerable for all of them. She had no doubt Mo Yuan and Ye Hua would find a way to keep her near, would insist upon it.

Her legs intertwined with Mo Yuan’s, Bai Qian reached her hand over to touch Ye Hua’s chest, her wandering fingers encountering cool silk first and she grabbed the crimson strips to get a better look at them, marveling at the beauty and symbolism they carried. She had originally thought they were ordinary silk but now saw she had been very wrong. She sat up on her knees to study them better, feeling grateful at yet another wonderful gift her dragons had given her.

The silk was strong yet incredibly soft, the finest material she had ever felt. The smooth fabric caressed her skin as she ran both of the strips through her fingers. The crimson red matched the color of the ceremonial robes the three of them would soon be wearing when they made their vows before their families and the people of the Heavens. But it was the embroidered dragons decorating the silk that really caught and held her attention. Threads of black as dark as midnight wrapped with Ye Hua’s cultivation creating the likeness of Ye Hua’s dragon on one and threads of brilliant and shining gold intertwined with Mo Yuan’s cultivation creating the image of Mo Yuan’s dragon on the other.

The replicas of their dragons were accurate down to the tiniest details, she noted with surprise as she studied them closer. The dragons were not copies of the same image embroidered with different colored silk threads. There were subtle differences between the dragons’ images. How had they accomplished it? She looked up to ask only to find them both watching her, their gazes intent.

“Mother embroidered them for you, Qian Qian,” Ye Hua answered her silent question, “using silk thread reinforced with our power. I asked her because she alone could capture the differences between our dragon forms so accurately. We wanted them to be unique and special for you, not just generic designs.”

“They’re lovely,” a pleased Bai Qian responded, awe in her voice, before her cheeks heated with embarrassment as she thought of their erotic purpose. “But…”

“Don’t worry, sweet fox,” Mo Yuan reassured her with a small grin, reading her thoughts. He was leaning on his elbow to rest his head on his palm as he gazed upon her expressive face. “Ye Hua didn’t tell Mother what he wanted them for.”

Ye Hua sat up to hug Bai Qian, running his fingers through her long hair to remove some of the tangles created from their earlier activities, then kissing her cheek playfully with a small laugh. “She thinks they’re for you to wear at our marriage ceremony. She doesn’t know all of the other ways we intend to use them.” Bai Qian shivered as Ye Hua’s voice deepened with his next words. “The list of things Mo Yuan and I want to try is long and varied.”

Ye Hua took the silk strips from her and draped them over a hook installed on one of the bedposts, one of several hooks Bai Qian had not noticed before because they blended in so well with the bedframe. She glanced at the foot of the bed. Sure enough, if she looked closely she could see pairs of hooks placed on all four bedposts. Her eyes widened with surprise.

Guiding her back down onto the soft bedding, Ye Hua settled next to her and Mo Yuan shifted close to her again.

“You will wear them for our marriage ceremony, won’t you?” Mo Yuan asked, kissing her bare shoulder with a brush of his lips before his eyes met hers, glints of gold swirling in them. “You will look enchanting dressed entirely in crimson silk, our dragons’ images being the only designs you wear, as you stand between us.”

Bai Qian nodded, a soft smile gracing her lips at the thought of their upcoming marriage. “I will be honored to wear them.”

An arousing shiver swept over her as she realized her agreement meant she would be boldly wearing the very strips Ye Hua and Mo Yuan used to restrain her in private for love making before all the people of the Heavens. And nobody other than the three of them would know the full intimate significance of the dragon embroidered silk. Her clit started to throb with the thought and Mo Yuan and Ye Hua sucked in deep breaths of her scent as she shifted against them restlessly.

“Hold on a minute longer, sweet fox,” Ye Hua urged her with a groan, his voice suddenly hoarse as he moved his hand to cover her knee in an attempt to slow her restless movements. Mo Yuan’s hand settled on her abdomen.

If they meant for their touch to help calm her sudden arousal, they failed miserably. The heat from their fingers radiated over her skin and only increased her hunger for them. They seemed to realize this at the same time and pulled back placing a small distance between their bodies and hers before she could rub herself against them more.

“There’s something we wanted to talk to you about,” Mo Yuan started, clearing his throat when he heard the gruff timber in his usually smooth voice. “Something your father reminded us of earlier. The Heavens can be a difficult place to live at times.”

Realizing the importance of what they wanted to say, Bai Qian did her best to focus on their words instead of her desire to feel the lean strength of their naked bodies up against her own.

“We always try to keep our personal lives as private as we can,” Ye Hua added when Mo Yuan didn’t continue. “But, unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to enjoy the same amount of privacy you and your family are accustomed to. People will talk and they will pass judgement.” Ye Hua paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. “You may hear some cruel things hinted at about you and our marriage.”

“We will shield you from it as much as we can,” Mo Yuan spoke, jumping back into the conversation. “But it’s impossible for us to keep all of it away from you. If you agree, we would like to eventually move to our family’s land on Kunlun Mountain where we will have plenty of privacy while remaining close to the Heavens. But we will have to live in the Heavens some of the time. And…”

“It’s okay,” Bai Qian interrupted, giving them both a reassuring smile.

Even though they didn’t say it out loud, Bai Qian knew they really meant jealous women would spread rumors about her in the beginning in an attempt to put her in her place. And it wouldn’t just be the women; the list of prominent families out there who wanted to more closely align themselves with Heavenly Father through the marriage of their daughters to one of his sons was a long one. She had already thought of that and considered it a small price to pay for the pleasure and happiness of sharing a life with them. Besides, the petty rumors would ease with time once people realized Bai Qian had no intentions of living anywhere but at her husbands’ side no matter what people said or what happened. She wasn’t going anywhere, wouldn’t retreat from the vicious rumors.

“I know that not everybody will accept our relationship right away,” she continued.

“We just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

They spoke in unison this time. Bai Qian wondered at their persistence to speak about this unhappy subject right now, remembering their mention of her father.

“What did Father say to you?” she questioned when neither continued. “Did he…?”

“Don’t worry, sweet fox,” Ye Hua responded with an easy smile. “Your father said what any loving father would say in order to see his daughter properly taken care of. He just made sure we understood you are a very special and precious woman and that we need to protect and cherish you always.”

“Not in so many words,” Mo Yuan added, amused at Ye Hua’s softer interpretation. “But that was the basic gist of the conversation.”

Bai Qian laughed softly, easily imagining her father’s actual words. She knew very well how protective her father was. She hadn’t urged him to “be nice” when leaving his study for no reason. Her dragons moved close to her again, lured back to her side by the gentle sound of her laughter. Her eyes closed as they pressed kisses to her cheeks and lips in turn. Hopefully, the twins’ parents wouldn’t be as harsh as her father had been when she met them the first time.

Bai Qian gasped, her eyes popping open with panic. Ye Hua and Mo Yuan’s parents! She would have to meet Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother! Why had she never realized what that actually meant before now?! She didn’t know the correct protocol for greeting them. What if she messed up somehow or they found her lacking in some way? She was marrying both their sons, after all. Did that mean she had to be extra perfect to earn their approval? 

“Oh no!” Shooting back up into a sitting position, Bai Qian gave both Mo Yuan and Ye Hua a panicked look. They sat up with matching expressions of concern on their faces.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Hua asked with a frown.

“Your parents! I have to meet your parents! What if they don’t like me? I’m nothing more than a merchant’s daughter!”

“Please don’t say that, Qian Qian,” Mo Yuan told her, smoothing his hand down her soft hair. “You’re everything to us. You’re the beautiful woman Ye Hua and I love and a powerful Fox Goddess in your own right. You’ll always be our wonderful sweet fox.” 

“I know Father and Mother will both love you,” Ye Hua added, his tone full of gentle concern, “because you’re an amazing woman and because they know how much Mo Yuan and I love you. You’re an important part of our family now. They’re looking forward to meeting you. Mother will want to learn everything about you and Father will be just as interested to get to know you though he may not show it right away. He can seem sterner than he really is until you get to know him.”

“But I have no idea how to greet them. Or what to say to them. Am I even allowed to speak directly to them?!”

“Don’t panic,” Ye Hua urged her softly, moving closer to her to join her and Mo Yuan. He rubbed her knee in a comforting gesture while Mo Yuan continued stroking her ebony waves.

“Try not to think about their titles,” Ye Hua continued. “Believe me, they’re really just like any other parents out there. And they will consider you family so you can speak with them as you would your own parents. The only time you need to worry about formalities around them is when you’re at an official public gathering. And then all you have to do is follow our lead. It’s customary for Mo Yuan and I to greet them first when we’re present.”


Mo Yuan pressed his lips to hers, effectively cutting off her renewed panic with a distracting kiss while reminding her of the direction of her thoughts just a few minutes earlier. “We’ll be by your side, Qian Qian,” he murmured against her lips. “No matter what. We promise.”

“Always,” Ye Hua added, trailing his fingers across the skin of her thigh.

Calm settled inside Bai Qian at the truth she heard in Ye Hua and Mo Yuan’s reassuring words and she began to feel less panic and more desire again as Mo Yuan’s mouth and tongue moved along the side of her neck in soft, teasing kisses. She watched as Ye Hua reached for the ties of crimson silk and summoned them to his hand, trembling when he ran the soft fabric against her skin.

She could see her name flaring brightly on Mo Yuan and Ye Hua’s chests as their desire for her increased, could feel the warmth of their names glowing brightly side by side on her heart and from within her skin. Later, she wanted to get a good look at the sight of their names claiming her heart.

“Would you like to test the strength of the hooks on the bed?” Ye Hua asked Bai Qian, his eyes holding hers. Bai Qian could see renewed hunger smoldering within them as they grew darker, distracting her even further from her earlier panic. She nodded wordlessly, her clit beginning a slow steady throb at the thought, her scent sending an unmistakable signal to both her dragons that she was growing aroused again.

“Da Ge?”

“Most definitely,” Mo Yuan answered with a wicked grin that took Bai Qian’s breath away. His eyes glinted with gold as he stared her down. “On your back, sweet fox. Put your hands above your head.” Mo Yuan’s lips landed on hers for a brief but scorching kiss while Ye Hua worked to restrain her wrists to the bed. “No moving until I say, sweet fox.”

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