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Hi everybody    ᵔᴥᵔ

I hope you are all keeping well, both physically AND mentally.  Living through 2020 has certainly made me understand why “May you live in interesting times” has been likened to a curse.  I’m forever grateful to have worlds to escape to in writing and reading, even if they are in my head.

I’ve been getting queries about my stories so I thought I’d give a complete update as to what I’m up to in general. I’ll break it down by title:

When Tomorrow Comes / A Ripple in the Tide:  The story will be concluding very shortly. I figure another 2 chapters and it’ll be completed.  I’m hoping to have the next WTC update for this weekend or early next week.  There’s a point I’m stuck on with one of the secondary characters which I need to figure out. I had also put it aside a few days to work on Sea of Clouds which is why there’s a delay.

A Brush With Fate:  I’ve been posting the story over on Archive of Our Own (AO3) where I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting new readers.  Posting a few chapters a week over there has allowed me the chance to give the entire story an intense editing clean-up.  I’ve only one last chapter to do and it’ll be done. This will make it easier for me when I’m ready to rewrite it as an original YA fantasy novel.   I paused the audiobook production.  40 out of the 52 chapters have been recorded but lack of interest has led me to set it aside for now since I need the time for writing. It has been a terrific experience learning how to record and edit audio tracks and putting it all together. I do plan to finish it.    

The Silk Blade:  I just finished editing ch. 25 “The Windows to the Soul”.   I’d been rigorously editing at the start because it was my intention to submit Silk for the Wattys (they have a fanfiction category).  Unfortunately, I learned that it wasn’t eligible because of where I live.  That’s alright.  A lot of things going on behind the scenes at Wattpad have really turned me off (I’m planning a good old rant post on that soon) and I wouldn’t bother submitting it today even if I could.  I still plan to edit the entire story. It’s just that I’m doing it at my leisure. As with Brush, it’s my intention to rewrite Silk as an original story as well.  I even have a self-made cover ready to go for it.

Sea of Clouds:  To everyone who’s waiting, thank you for your patience.  I really want to stick with my plan of having at least 3-4 chapter drafts ready before I start to publish.  So far I have 2.  I may post an excerpt here on the Twin Dragon website before I begin to publish. I haven’t decided yet.

I’m keeping my eye on the story prompts being presented for this year’s Aim to Engage contest on Wattpad (volunteer ambassador-run). I submitted 4 entries for last year’s contest which I have in my Compendium of Imagination collection. Nothing has caught my interest yet but I hope to be able to submit something for this year. We’ll see.

Ok, that was long but that’s pretty much all of it. I’m putting on a pot of coffee and getting back to Sea and WTC for the rest of the day.

Take care now. Stay healthy and safe.

Sun / Elisabeth  

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November 10, 2020 19:58

Good heavens, I did not realise you were updating so much stuff ! I shall have to set aside time for a massive re-read lol ! Brush with Fate and Silk Blade are tow of my favourites 🙂 ( I even forgave you for an MY BQ story because it was just so good. Actually, I would love that story even if it wasn’t an Eternal Love fan fic, it’s great ) edit away , can’t wait !

Elisabeth Long
Elisabeth Long
November 10, 2020 20:51
Reply to  Anonymous

Yeah, I’ve been on an editing bender the last few months, lol. Hopefully the fanfics will read a little smoother than before. Certainly the edits will serve me in the long wrong when it comes to the rewrites. Thanks so much for the support! 😊

Marie Bisset
Marie Bisset
November 10, 2020 14:54

I’m very excited about reading Sea of Clouds! I think it sounds like it will be a fun and adventurous story. I’m also looking forward to reading the original adaptations of Brush and Silk. I think both will make great original stories.

Elisabeth Long
Elisabeth Long
November 10, 2020 14:56
Reply to  Marie Bisset

My poofweeder’s gonna be busy… just sayin’.

November 10, 2020 11:28

Many thanks for the update. I’m going to wait for the completion of the audiobook recordings to complete the compiled audiobook. Also excitedly waiting for the completion of When Tomorrow Comes and the start of the Swashbuckling adventures of Sea of Clouds ☁️. Hopefully with a few bodice ripping and NSFW chapters that will make my car passengers blush lol 😂. You know who I mean 😆😜.

Brush and Silk are good originals.

Keep safe and well

Jan 😍

Elisabeth Long
Elisabeth Long
November 10, 2020 14:25
Reply to  Jan

I think I would have to go into hiding if there were no nsfw in Sea of Clouds, lol.

Oh, and better brace yourself for a grand acknowledgement at the end of the audiobook… “To My BEST Listener! ❤”