Of music gone…

You sang to me of sunsets.

You sang to me of dawns.

Your voice the wind 

Of summer days, and nights of winters gone.

Follow your refrains did I

O’er mountain, sea, and cloud.

The seasons passing

Under skies, sweetened by your songs.

But then one day, the lyrics changed;

The scale of notes


The avalanche of noise, a crushing blow

Of dissonant chords; 

My bound heart left no choices.

I ceased to listen in your storm

Whose wake, whose void

Of music gone, of song destroyed

Now echoes hollow 

In the silence

Where you sing to me no more. 

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October 19, 2020 04:51

Beautiful piece ❤️

October 18, 2020 21:23

Such a lovely piece, the sense of longing and wistfulness really comes through in your words.

Elisabeth Long
Elisabeth Long
October 18, 2020 22:08
Reply to  fruitydeer

Thank you kindly. I’ve only dabbled a few times with poetry. The freedom of word play is something I enjoy tremendously.

Marie Bisset
Marie Bisset
October 17, 2020 12:53

I really like your new poem. Yes, it’s sad. But it’s also touching in a bittersweet way. It reminds me of special moments that have become lost to the past only to be remembered one day out of the blue when something triggers the memory. Your words in this poem are lovely and meaningful. Thanks for sharing!